Information about my research group (students, postdocs and alumni)

Current Members


  • Hansol Yoon (PhD student, CSCI 2022. Employment: Korean air force.).
  • Yi Chou (PhD, CSCI 2021. First Employment: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Colorado, Boulder).
  • Souradeep Dutta (PhD, ECEE, June 2020, First Employment: Postdoctoral Researcher at Univ. Pennsylvania.).
  • Taisa Kushner (PhD, IQ Biology and Computer Science, July 2020, First Employment: Computing Innovation Fellow at Oregon Health Sciences University Medical School).
  • Nagarajan Shanmuganathan (MS, CSCI, Employment: Amazon Inc).
  • Xin Chen (Current Employment: Assistant Professor at University of Dayton, OH)
  • Hadi Ravanbakhsh (PhD in CSCI, July 2018. Employment: Google Inc.).
  • Rhys Olsen (BS in CSCI, Current Employment: Google Inc.).
  • Alexandra Okeson (BS in CSCI, PhD student at the University of Washington).
  • Dimitrios Economou (MS in CSCI)
  • Ram Das Diwakaran (MS in CSCI, First Employment: Texas Instruments Inc.).
  • Yuen-Lam (Vris) Voronin (Former Postdoc, 2014 - 2016, First Employment: Tradewins Inc.).
  • Aditya Zutshi (PhD in ECEE, December 2016. Current Employment: Galois Inc., Portland, Oregon.).
  • Aleksandar Chakarov (PhD in CS, December 2016. Current Employment: Amazon).
  • Suhas Akshar Kumar (MS in ECEE 2016, First Employment: Schneider Electric).
  • Amin Ben Sassi (Former Postdoc, 2014 - 2016. Assistant Professor at Mediterranean School of Business).
  • Arlen Cox (PhD in ECEE, December 2014. First Employment: IDA/CCS).
  • Yan Zhang (PhD in ECEE, Summer 2014. Current Employment: Huawei Research, Singapore).
  • Huxley Bennett (MS in CSCI 2012, Current Employment: Asst. Prof. at Oregon State University.).
  • Hadjar Homaie (MS, 2011, First Employment: Amazon).
  • Sidartha Gracias (MS, 2011).
  • Aaron Schlicht (ME, 2011).
  • Christopher Miller (BS, 2014, PhD student at Georgia Tech).
  • Paul Givens (BS, 2014, First Employment: Software Engineer at IOSemantics).

Long Term Visitors (Past)

  • Shenghua Feng (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Inst. of Software, Beijing).
  • Arthur Claviere (Ecole Polytechnique and Supaero, France).
  • Amin Ben Sassi (Med. Inst. of Tech., Tunisia).
  • Alex Singh (CMU, summer REU student).
  • Tobias Leth (Aalborg University, Denmark).
  • Pierre Roux (Onera, Toulouse, France).
  • Xin Chen (PhD student at RWTH Aachen University, Germany).
  • Xue Bai (PhD, Beihang University, China. On a Chinese Student Council Fellowship).
  • Zuxi Chen (PhD, Tongji University, China. On a Chinese Student Council Fellowship).

Temporary Research Opportunities

Temporary Research Opportunities.