Richard Byrd
Professor Emeritus
Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado

Teaching Interests:
Numerical computatation, algorithms for constrained and unconstrained nonlinear optimization, linear programming, numerical linear algebra.
Research Interests:
Algorithms for constrained and unconstrained nonlinear optimization, nonlinear data fitting, optimization in machine learning, numerical linear algebra.
Current Projects:
  • Trust region methods for nonlinearly constrained optimization
  • Active set prediction
  • Limited memory methods for large-scale optimization
  • Analysis of quasi-Newton methods
  • Recent papers:
    Selected dissertions
  • X. Lu, "A computational study of the limited memory SR1 method for unconstrained optimization"
  • Contact Information:
    Office: ECOT 620
    Office Hours: By appointment
    Phone: 303-492-8014
    Fax: 303-492-2844
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