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Ben Nevis
Welcome! You have found your way to The Mainland, also known as Michael Main's home page. And a musical welcome to cougars from Washington State. I graduated from Wazzu in 1978 and also attended Stirling University for a year. My high schools were Grissom High in Huntsville, Alabama, and Sammamish High in Bellevue, Washington. Enjoy your visit.

Passions: Janet and the kids (no longer young), enthused and impassioned students, climbing with friends, reading, writing, daydreaming while biking, listening to Janet's harp (and eating her custard), homegrown potatoes, Grandma's feather bed, John Denver, James Taylor, walks with Kess, building computers (from time to time).

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Projects That I’m Working On

Before you leave, you might want to listen to Hannah and Michael singing the famous Mudgie song (including the rarely performed "frantic part"). Please come again.

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