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Other Freeware and Shareware That I Support
  • Adobe Reader 7.0: I don't know if you can still find this, but it seems less intrusive than later versions.
  • 5Spice: Analog Circuit Simulation
  • Acronis Disk Management Software: Not free, but inexpensive and it works well for everything from cloneing a disk to partition management.
  • AMUST Disk Cleaner: This isn't really a disk cleaner. What it does is list the number of bytes used in each of your directories in a way that is easy to search.
  • Avery DesignPro Limited: For designing return address labels and similar things.
  • Celestia: A 3D Outer Space Simulator
  • Combined Community Codec Pack: I installed only the Haali Media Spliter, which lets me play anime files that seem to come in .mkv format. Even with this, though, windows media player wouldn't work for .mkv (no sound), so I also installed the CCCP Classic Media Player which works fine for .mkv.
  • Dir2Html: This program creates index pages from directories (and subdirectories) of html files. I use it to create index pages that can then be uploaded to webct, since webct won't let you directly link to a directory listing.
  • DiscInDisk: This "virtual CD drive" program lets you copy a complete CD to your hard drive. It then sets things up so that it looks like the CD is in a CD drive even after you remove the CD. However, I couldn't get it to work in Vista, so I switched to MagicDisc.
  • DivX: A DVD and video file player. I use it to play divx and avi files. I didn't actually install the player, but I did install the DivX 6.8 codec, which allows the normal media player to play these files.
  • DOSBox: Do you have old DOS games that just won't run under windows? Try DOSBox!
  • Double Killer: Identifies duplicate files and gives options for deletion. I used it for a while, but I switched to dupfiles when I installed Vista.
  • Eraser 53: Adds an "erase" option that is similar to "delete," except the disk drive is wiped so clean that the file can never be recovered.
  • E-Trust Antivirus from Computer Associates is free for CU Students, Staff and Faculty.
  • DupFiles: Find and delete duplicate files.
  • Finale Notepad: This program lets you create and play sheet music.
  • Foxmarks: This is the only Firefox Browser adder that I use. It synchronizes my bookmarks on the several different machines that I use (and also allows me to use my bookmarks on other people's machines).
  • Freemind: This tool lets you build free flowing mind maps, which are a useful outlining and brainstorming tool. It requires installation of the Java Runtime System (see the JDK link up above).
  • G-Mail. I resisted for a long time, but have now been assimilated. I still hate the no-heirarchy-police, but never mind.
  • Google Web Accelerator: Saving the world one-tenth of a second at a time.
  • HJSplit: This program splits a large file into smaller pieces, then puts the pieces back together again.
  • Homepagelock allows you to lock your browser home page so that those annoying programs can't change it. Doesn't seem to work for me in Vista, though.
  • Icon Keeper: Remembers all your icon positions so they can be easily restored.
  • Jajah: Free and low-cost phone calls around the world.
  • Lviewpro: An editor for jpg, gif, bmp and other graphics files. If you can still find Version 1.D, I think that it's cleaner than later versions.
  • Macrium ReflectCreate backup disk images and a rescue bootable dvd.
  • MagicDisc: Virtual CD/DVD drive allows me to mount ISO images and treat it as if it were on a drive.
  • Mozilla: I like the Mozilla Firefox browser and the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client.
  • μTorrent: Bittorrent downloading. I used to use Azureus, but couldn't get that to work on Vista, so I switched.
  • NNCron: Allows you to schedule jobs to run on a specified regular schedule.
  • OpenOffice: A free replacement for MS Word, MS Powerpoint, and MS Excel. I use the Powerpoint and Excel, but not the Word replacement because the formatting can sometimes vary in annoying ways. You might want to get MS Word as part of the MS Office student edition or as part of the MS Works package (which also include Encarta, Streets & Maps, and more).
  • PDF995: Create your own pdf files from any program that can send information to a printer. Because of its adware, I switched to primopdf.
  • PC Inspector File Recovery: I used it. It worked for me.
  • Picasa 2: Picture organizer. Once again, I resisted, but have been assimilated. I wish I could turn off the backup of originals; I long for a better location marker in the bar on the right. I like the interface with my scanner.
  • Powertoys: From Microsoft. I like TweakUI among others.
  • Prcview: True geeks need a process viewer that provides more information than the Windows task manager.
  • PrimoPDF: Adds a printer device that creates a PDF file instead of printing something.
  • Process Explorer: Another souped up version of the task manager.
  • Sftp Drive: ($39) This shareware program lets you see any sftp directory as if it were an ordinary Windows hard drive.
  • SimpSim is an assembly language simulator that I use in class from time to time.
  • Smart Audio Converter: Converts between different audio formats.
  • SSH Secure Shell and File Transfer for Windows: A program that lets you remotely log in to and to transfer files from your windows machine.
  • Startup Control Panel installs an icon in your Windows control panel to monitor and control those annoying programs that install themselves to run on startup.
  • Start Up Monitor: A background program that warns you whenever a program registers something to happen at start-up time.
  • SyncBack allows you to easily backup your files to another drive or to an ftp site.
  • Treepad: Create and edit tree structures where each node contains text information.
  • Trillian: Instant messaging for AIM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo all in one. I don't use it now that I can IM from my gmail page.
  • Videora converts your video files (avi, mpeg, rips from dvd, etc.) into mp4 format for mobile video devices such as the video ipod.
  • Wavepad: Edit wave files.