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LAPACK is a library of Fortran 77 routines for solving the most commonly occurring problems in linear algebra. It has been designed to be efficient on a wide body of modern high-performance computers. The name LAPACK is an acronym for Linear Algebra PACKage.

LAPACK includes driver routines for solving standard types of problems, computational routines for performing distinct computational tasks, and auxiliary routines for performing certain subtasks or low-level computations.

This site provides the capability of automated retrieval of LAPACK routines and information about LAPACK. Use the buttons on the left or above to begin your search through the LAPACK collection.

Users not familiar with LAPACK will find it helpful to review the LAPACK User's Guide before using this site.

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Click on Home and the links therein to learn more about what is included in LAPACK or to find information about the BLAS and other projects related to LAPACK.

Click on Netlib to access Netlib directly.

Click on Search to search for an LAPACK routine by name or to search the full Netlib respository.

Click on Sitemap to see how this site is organized. Click on any entry in the map to go directly to that location.

Left menu:

Click on Access Individual Routines to learn about the types of LAPACK routines and how they are named. Individual routines are accessed by clicking on the desired routine type in the left menu. Choices include computational, driver, and utility routines as well as routines for testing or timing of LAPACK. Use your browser's save function to copy the returned source code.

Click on Download Packages And Libraries to find prepackaged collections of LAPACK routines as well as precompiled libraries for a variety architectures. The LAPACK testing and timing collections are available at this location as well.

Click on Documentation to reach various reference guides (including the Users' Guide and installation guides), the LAPACK working note collection, manual pages, and revision and bug information.