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What's New

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

3:37:46 PM

The projects have all been graded and I have mailed a message containing your "report card" for CSCI 5828 to each of you! Despite having to work my way through a huge stack of project reports, I enjoyed the experience! Many of you tackled very interesting projects and gave me insights into work practices, new techniques, and new ways to apply software engineering principles to new fields. For that, I thank you! I also wanted to thank you for an interesting semester...I appreciate all of you who decided to participate in class. Have a great summer everyone!

Monday, May 10, 1999

2:48:31 PM

I have now received all of the projects and I have only 5 more to grade. I will thus be done with the grading in a few hours and I will be sending out grade reports to each student via e-mail. I have already sent out comments on final projects to a few of you but I will not be sending comments to everybody. If you have questions about your final project grade, feel free to send me e-mail and I'll address your concerns on a case by case basis. I will submit another post to this website to discuss the projects in general and to close out the class. Almost there!

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

2:02:19 PM

I have placed some unclaimed homeworks with Pat Libhart, the department secretary in ECOT 717. When you go to claim your homeworks, you need to bring an id and please be polite to Pat, she's extremely overworked and deserves to be treated with respect. I placed homework for the following people in her office: Aaron Anderson, Jason Brandt, Leroy Guatney, Huda Khan, John Larkin, Alan Lo, Latha Rao, Anthony Ressler, and Garrett Velasquez.

Friday, April 30, 1999

3:52:09 PM

A Final Project Status Report has been created to track my progress as I grade the final projects.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

10:57:03 PM

Homeworks 3 and 4 have been graded. I will hand them out in class tomorrow. CATECS students will receive them with their next shipment of tapes.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

9:22:49 AM

Instructions for the final project report are now listed in the Assignments section of the website.

Sunday, April 18, 1999

2:07:34 PM

Lecture 28 is now available.

10:12:43 AM

Lecture 27 is now available.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

2:17:34 AM

Lecture 25 is now available. Sorry for the delay...

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

4:28:54 PM

A couple comments on the homework:

Change the declaration of

all[s: Set; i: Item]


all[s: Set; i,j: Item]

and, in one place, the homework should say "SetOfItem" where it says "Set".

I will make both of these changes to the homework assignment on the website.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

9:23:36 PM

Homework 2 Status Report has been updated (Graded, no fooling!).

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