Seminar on Closed Loop Medical Devices (CSCI 7000-015, Spring 2016)

Week 1 Resources.

Sriram Sankaranarayanan will lead a brief discussion on the following topics.

  • Introduction: Discuss motivations for this class.

  • Ground rules, grading and other issues.

  • Closed Loop Medical Devices: qu'est-ce que c'est?

  • What are the key research issues?

    • Clinical performance measures.

    • Engineering: control algorithms.

    • Correctness: Safety/Reliability concerns.

    • Security issues.

    • Regulatory issues.

    • Ethical considerations.

    • Human factors.

  • Research: Literature search.

    • Where to look for references?

    • Authoritative vs. Non-authoritative sources.

Week 2 Resources.

Week 3 Resources

  • We will finish the discussion from Week 2

Week 4 Resources

Discussion Lead: Suhas

This week, we will read papers on predictive pump shutoff algorithms for the artificial pancreas.

Here are two other papers that will be good if you can read, but do not worry if you do not have the time.

Week 5 Resources

Discussion Lead: Ram

We will study PID control algorithms for hybrid and fully automated closed loop insulin delivery.

Basics of Feedback Control

For those who are unfamiliar, the book by Astrom and Murray is an excellent introduction to feedback.

Modeling Human Insulin-Glucose Response

Discussion Lead: Taisa

We will now study mathematical models of human insulin-glucose response. We will focus on two ODE-based models.

See here for a mathworks simulation demo: Mathworks demo simulation of Dalla Man model.

Week 8 Resources

For weeks 8 and 9, we are looking at model-predictive control.

Model-Predictive Control

Discussion Lead by Suhas A.

Most introductions are rather technical and not easy to understand if you do not know controls already. But the couple of lecture slides below strike a good balance:

MPC for artificial pancreas

We will review a couple of papers from a large set of papers that look at MPC.

A notable paper on a clinical trial of Hovorka et al.'s system:

Week 10 Resources

This week, we will look at Bihormonal control for artificial pancreas that includes insulin and glucagon in the closed loop. Bionic Pancreas Site at Boston University. The page makes it look like the device is already a product on the market.

Week 11 Resources

Week 12 Resources

We will discuss human factors and legal issues for medical devices.

Week 13 Resources

Week 14 Resources

Week 15 Resources