Drone Detection and Localization

We have published award-winning research on drone detection.  Our work, Matthan, received an ACM SIGMOBILE Research Highlights Award.  Drones are flying in dangerous airspaces, so we need an early warning system to detect their presence that is cheap and effective.  We propose to use WiFi access points suitably augmented to detect the RF emissions of drones. 

Drone detection

We published an early version of drone detection at DroNet 2016:

Once a drone is detected, it is important to know where the drone is located.  We have published initial work on drone localization at DroNet 2019.  Our work not only localizes the drone, but also its controller, which is important in certain applications:

  • Phuc Nguyen, Taeho Kim, Jinpeng Miao, Daniel Hesselius, Erin Kenneally, Daniel Massey, Eric Frew, Richard Han and Tam Vu, "Towards RF-based Localization of a Drone and Its Controller", 5th ACM Workshop on Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems and Applications (DroNet) 2019,  pp. 21-26, DOI: 10.1145/3325421.3329766.

Airborne Sensor Networks

We also published early work on airborne sensor networks using fixed-wing MAVs (Micro Air Vehicles):

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