Prior Projects:

Peer-to-peer Social Networks:
We created a P2P social networks called MyZone.

Smart Spaces
Context-Aware Smart Spaces:
"Active Device" Selection in Context-Aware Ubiquitous Computing Environments, Wireless Peer-to-peer Collaborative Learning.
Distribution, Splitting, and Filtering of XML Web Content in Multi-Device Pervasive Environments and Multi-User Collaborative Environments

Universal Tuner:
Pervasive Mobile Video Applications and Infrastructure

Wireless Web Access:

A recurring theme of my research focuses on how to facilitate access to the Web from mobile PDA's over wireless links.   
Transcoding reduces the amount of data sent over a bottleneck communication link via aggressive compression (IBM Transcoding Proxy Project)
Transcoding adapts the data format to permit decoding on CPU-limited mobile clients (partitioning of complexity)
Progressively reliable packet delivery, i.e. Leaky ARQ, is an end-to-end approach that enables speedy yet eventually relaible packet delivery for interactive multimedia.   (my Ph.D. dissertation)