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My mission is to explore the design of end user development environments. This requires the understanding of the intricate relationships among people, tools, and problems. Many end users do either not have the necessary skills, the time or the patience to program with traditonal programming languages. End users require domain-oriented programming approaches that elevate the task of programming to the manipulation of components that are directly pertinent to tasks at hand.

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Central to end-user development is the exploration of new approaches to programming.

New 3D authoring approaches allow end-users to quickly create sophisticated 3D models and animations.

New artificial intelligence approaches enable the design and implementation of complex simulations and games.

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1996 Movie, 25 min. AgentSheets projects introducing drag and drop programming, visual programming environments for robots, early Web 2.0 prototypes, artistic applications, WebQuest authoring tools, and Java Bytecode compilers.


1993 Movie, 16 min. AgentSheets demo at the Apple World Wide Developer Confere (WWDC '93) as invited presentation to the Advanced Technology Group Extravaganza. A couple of thousands people in the audience. Includes the presentation of graphical rewrite rules.


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Alexander Repenning is a computer science professor at the University of Colorado, currently visiting the University of Lugano, and a founder of AgentSheets Inc. Repenning’s research interests include education, end-user programmable agents, and artificial intelligence. He has worked in research and development at Asea Brown Boveri, Xerox PARC, Apple Computer, and Hewlett Packard. Repenning is the creator of the AgentSheets simulation and game-authoring tool. He has taught game design nationally at Stanford, the MIT Media Lab, and University of Colorado as well as internationally in Europe and Japan. His work has received numerous awards including the Gold Medal from the mayor of Paris for “most innovative application in education of the World Wide Web” and “best of the best innovators” by ACM. Repenning is an advisor to the National Academy of Sciences, the European Commission, the National Science Foundation, the Japanese Ministry of Education and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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