Child's Play Workshop: Tentative Agenda University of Colorado, Boulder

September 3, 1996

0830 Meet at Eaton Conference Room, Engineering Center (instructions below)

0830 - 0900 Welcome and brief introductions

0900 - 1015 Five minute presentations

Participants who wish to do so can take five minutes to pose issues they want the workshop to consider and/or describe new ideas they want to share. Presenters should assume that attendees will have read the prepared position papers (available on the Web), and therefore should use these presentations to call attention only to the ideas they most want to workshop to consider. In the interests of time we do not want to set up any demonstrations for these presentations.

1015 - 1110 Demo session I

About half of the people who have software to demo will do so.

1110-1200 Demo session II

The other half of the demos.

1200 -1300 Lunch (brought in) and Issue Gathering

During lunch participants will identify issues for further discussion and plan a rough agenda for the rest of the workshop based on level of interest in these issues.

1300 - 1600 Working session

This session may include break-out discussions and hands-on work on selected issues, as well as whole-group discussion

1600- 1700 Reflection and closing

In this session we will take stock of the workshop and plan any follow-on activities.

1930 Workshop dinner at Antica Roma (on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder; detailed directions to be provided at the workshop)

September 4, evening: VL and Child's Play demos, posters

University of Colorado, Boulder

Eaton conference room and LifeLong Learning and Design (L3D) Lab

For detailed information see the VL web pages.

How to get to the Eaton Conference Room

Engineering Center Colorado Av. and Regent dr. 1st floor

If you take the bus called Boulder HOP (a good idea when you're staying at the Boulderado). Exit at "Colorado and Folsom". Facing south (the mountains are west of you) you will see the Engineering building on your left (it unique shape was inspired by mine buildings) and the Math building on your right. Walk through the gate and at the Engineering building use the revolving doors. You are on the first level. Walk straight back from the revolving doors. Just before the picture wall turn left and walk back the aisle. You will see the Eaton conference room on your right.

With a car you may have problems parking. But.. on 28th take Colorado ave west (towards the mountains). Turn left at the first traffic light on Regent drive. On Regent you see a parking building on your left and the Engineering building on your right. After the parking building there are some metered spaces. Walking toward the Engineering center take the stairs up to the 1st floor. Wind around the picture wall and turn right (not straight toward the revolving doors). You will see the Eaton conference room on your right.