Prospective Ph.D. Students

I am no longer taking new Ph.D. students, having left Colorado for Google full time.

When reviewing Ph.D. student applications, I look for students who have (1) a strong math background (probability, statistics, machine learning, data mining), (2) coursework in cognitive science, and (3) research experience and publications in either computational modeling or machine learning. I am not a good match for students who want to do machine learning theory (see my colleagues Rafael Frongillo and Aaron Clauset in computer science, Steven Becker in applied math, or Francois Meyer in electrical engineering), nor am I able to support students who come from a traditional psychology background and do not have the chops for a computer science Ph.D. program.

Prospective students should read my recent papers and look at my recent activities (workshop presentations, etc.) to determine if there's a good match of interests.

I respond to email inquiries only if our mutual interests seem strong and the student has the qualifications listed above. Please send your CV with an inquiry.