Research Opportunities for Current Undergraduate and Master's Students

I am not able to work with new students, having left Colorado for Google full time.

We are often looking for outstanding undergraduate and master's degree students to participate in ongoing research projects, with the goal of getting students experience with academic research and hopefully a co-authorship on a journal or conference article. Before getting involved in research, I expect students to have taken a machine learning or AI course and have some background in probability and statistics.

If you are contemplating getting involved in research, the first thing you should do is to begin attending my group's weekly lab meeting. Participants range from undergrads to PhD students to postdocs and visiting faculty. Email me and I'll add you to our google group mailing list. I expect all research students to attend the lab meeting. The other thing to do before contacting me is to take a look at my recent papers, and the list of current research projects, in order that you have some understanding of what we work on.

Undergraduates: I typically accept a few senior thesis students, but you should contact me early in your junior year so that we can start you along the trajectory that will ensure you're ready to begin the thesis in the fall of your senior year.

Master's students: I do not typically offer research assistantships for MS students. If we work together for a year and the collaboration is productive, then we can discuss the possibility.