Assignment Submission Instructions
Neural Networks and Deep Learning

CSCI 5922
Fall 2017

General Policy

Assignment submission

Submit all assignments via CU's Desire2Learn system.  Submission instructions are as follows:
  1. Go to Desire2learn web site and enter identikey and password, or access through mycuinfo
  2. Once on the desire2learn web site, select CSCI 5922-001
  3. Select the "assessments" tab on the yellow bar
  4. Select "dropbox" from the drop down menu
  5. Select "homework X" for assignment # X and then upload the file containing your writeup and code.

Getting help

Both Mike and Denis are eager to help folks who are stuck or require clarification. For any clarification of the assignment, what we're expecting, and how to implement, we would appreciate it if you posted your question on piazza. In fact, post on piazza unless your question is personal or you believe it is specific to you.  If you have the question, it's likely others will have the same question. And if we give you a clue, then we'll give the same clue to everyone else. If you have python or tensorflow questions, definitely post to piazza as other participants in the course are likely to have answers.

It is fine to ask other students in the class for general advice and clarification, but we would like for you (or you and your partner) to do your own work, and we would like to know if you're having problems.

Academic honesty

The bottom of the course syllabus has a long blurb about academic honesty and the CU honor code.