Java Demo of The Adaptive House

The state of the adaptive house at a particular instant in time is depicted with a display like the following:

The important icons are as follows:
light level sensing point (intensity corresponds to illumination)
sound level sensing point
temperature sensing point
motion detector (bright blue corresponds to motion in field of view of detector)
door status (open or closed)
window status (open or closed)
bank of overhead lights or wall sconces (16 possible intensity settings, indicated by yellow brightness)
ceiling fan
electric space heater
whole-house furnace
water heater
speaker (bright orange indicates that speaker is enabled)

If you're lucky, you can run a java demo of the house, showing the state of the house as Mike walked around from room to room. The lighting controller is running, so lights that are turning on and off are doing so automatically. It's a bit tricky to figure out what's going on from the demo. You'll have a good idea of where Mike is if you look for motion detectors turning on and off.

Be patient while the demo loads.

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