Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++
Third Edition
by Michael Main and Walter Savitch
ISBN 0-321-19716-X

Please see the day-to-day schedule for a list of specific exams and homework assignments for this semester. Your grade is determined by your percentage of available points:
A A 93% or moreA- 90 to 93%
BB+ 87 to 90% B 83 to 87%B- 80 to 83%
CC+ 77 to 80% C 73 to 77%B- 70 to 73%
DD+ 67 to 70% D 63 to 67%B- 60 to 63%
FF below 60%  

The available class points come from:

In-Class Activities (about 10% of your grade)
Sometimes I'll just take attendance. Other times there will be an individual or group activity.

Homework Assignments (about 45%)
This is mostly programming work. All programs must be written individually. You may talk with other students and look at their solutions, but you may not copy another's solution with pencil and paper, electronically or in any other form. Your goal when you talk with an instructor or another student is to learn enough that you can create a solution from scratch. A student who copies a solution will receive an F for the entire course.

Late work: Late work is not accepted. If you have not finished the work by the deadline, please submit whatever you have completed so that the instructor can assign partial credit. In some cases, the instructor may provide a complete solution afterwards so that you study it before the next assignment. In other cases, the instructor may request that you do additional work before a grade is assigned. In either case, though, turn in whatever partial work you have completed by the deadline.

Midterm Exams (about 33%)
There will be four midterm exams. The lowest score will be dropped, and the other three will count for about 33% of your final grade.

Missed Exams: If you are going to miss an exam because of illness or other problems, please let me know ahead of time to arrange for an alternative. If you can't let me know ahead of time, then the missed exam will be your one dropped score.

Final Exam (about 12%)
This is a comprehensive exam. The score will be about 12% of your course grade.

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