CSCI 1300
Project: Using the Game Engine

This is one of several possible projects for CSCI 1300. The following link tells how the projects are used:

What the Program Should Do

Download all the files in the directory Then rewrite the strategy and display files so that the game engine plays Tic Tac Twice (rules listed below). You can use some other game, if you first get permission from Michael.

50 point bonus: Make a few small changes to the game engine so that it uses alpha-beta pruning to make the search go faster (as discussed in class).

Rules of Tic Tac Twice

This is a game invented by our own Andrzej Ehrenfeucht and Pat Baggett. It is distributed by the Aristoplay company. The rules are simple, starting with two 4x4 boards which each have a pattern of 16 colors. You can use whatever colors you like (or other ways to design the 16 squares). But if you use the letters A through P to designate the 16 different colors, then the two boards should have these organizations and no other:

    Board 1               Board 2
    A B C D               B K M H
    E F G H               P E C J
    I J K L               G N L A
    M N O P               I D F O
The player's (called purple and yellow) take alternate turns. During your turn you can place a circle of your color on an empty spot on Board 1. At the same time you put a circle of your color on the same colored square of Block 2. For example, if you put your circle in the bottom left corner of Board 1 (color M), then you simultaneously put one of your circles on the third spot of the top row of Board 2 (also color M).

You win the game by having four of your circles in a row (horizontally, diagonally, or vertically on either of the boards). Note that you don't need four in a row on both boards, just on one of the two boards.

Estimated Difficulty Level for First Semester Students:

On a scale of 50 (easy) to 500 (hard): 400 (or 450 with bonus)