CSCI 1300
Project: Beyond the Fractal

This is one of several possible projects for CSCI 1300. The following link tells how the projects are used:

What the Program Should Do

For this project, you can expand on the program you wrote to generate the Mandelbrot fractal. Possibilities are:

  1. Increase to at least 256 different colors (30 points)
  2. Allow the user to left click on a spot to zoom in (120 points)
  3. Search the internet to find a description of how to draw Julia sets. Once you find this, modify the program so that it draws the Mandelbrot fractal and when the user right clicks on a spot the program will draw the Julia set for that spot (120 points)
  4. The TA may award up to 80 more points for any other cool things that you add to the program.

Estimated Difficulty Level for First Semester Students:

On a scale of 50 (easy) to 500 (hard): Up to 350