CSCI 1300 - Programming Homework 5+6
CD Player
(Part I) Due Thursday, Apr 19, 11:55pm
(Part II) Due Thursday, Apr 26, 11:55pm
(Part III) Due TUESDAY, May 1, 11:55pm

Homework Policy [CAUTION!]

For programming assignments, you may consult with others (instructors, other students, etc.). You may look at and discuss algorithms or programs that are under development provided that you do not make a copy of any code in any way (no file copying, no xerox copies, no copying by hand, etc.), nor may you allow another student to make a copy of your code. You may also use any references (books, web, etc.) provided that include a comment that cites any resources used (not needed for our textbook)

As a student, you are responsible for knowing and adhering to this policy. Violations will be reported to the CU Honor Code Council and result in an F for the entire course.

CD Player

Please note that this assignment indicates precisely what your program should accomplish, without a precise indication of how the program works. Part of your assignment is designing the techniques of how the program works.

What the Program Should Do

Write a program that acts as a music CD Player for your computer. The program must:
  1. For Part I, have a winbgi mouse-based graphical interface that displaysallows the pilot to:
  2. For Part II, you must add the ability for the CD player to open a text file (where the name of the file is somehow specified by the pilot). The file contains the names of tracks. After opening the file, the CD player always displays the name of the currently playing track.
  3. Part III is required only if you want to receive an A in the class. Otherwise, it is worth no points. If you do not do Part III, then the highest grade you may obtain for the course is A-. In this part, modify your CD player so that some interesting animated pattern appears whenever a song is playing.

Reference for interacting with the CD-player:

Reference for opening and reading files:
[To be posted here later]

Other Program Requirements