Sample Assignment: Extending the Linked List Toolkit

The Assignment:
You will add some new functions to the linked list toolkit from Section 5.2 of the textbook.
Ensure that you can write ordinary functions to manipulate linked lists. Note that these are not member functions, because you are not implementing a class in this assignment.
Before Starting:
Read Sections 5.1 - 5.2.
Complete all three lab exercises.
Files that you must write:
  1. newnode.h: The header file for the new toolkit. Actually, you don't have to write much of this file. Just copy our version from newnode.h and add your name and other information at the top.
  2. newnode.cxx: The implementation file for the new toolkit class. You may start with our implementation from node.cxx and add the implementations of the four new functions.
Other files that you may find helpful:
  1. newnodetest.cxx: A simple interactive test program.

The New Linked List Toolkit
Discussion of the Assignment

As indicated above, you will add four new functions to the linked list toolkit. These new functions are all specified in the header file newnode.h.


If you learned makefiles last spring, then spend some time writing your make file
A correct make file will save you time. Make sure that each compilation command in the make file has a TAB as the first character. In order to insert a TAB using emacs, type Ctrl-Q and then press the TAB key. Or, if you are working from a modem where the TAB key is disabled, you can type
ESCAPE x quoted-insert RETURN TAB
Also, make sure that each compilation command includes the -gstabs option so that you can use the debugger.
Check Preconditions
Your implementations should use the assert function to check preconditions of all functions.
Input and Output
Your implementations must NOT produce any output to cout, nor expect any input from cin. All the interaction with the member functions occurs through their parameters.

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