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[Steve cranks the 5.8 finish above Bushy Ledge]

Why Beta?

Well, this stuff gets disseminated by word-of-mouth routinely among climbers who frequent The Leap. This page just makes it easier to get info on routes you are thinking of trying. Some climbers feel that beta ruins the experience of discovering a route as it unfolds as you lead each pitch. I see their point completely, and if you feel the same way, I encourage you to leave this page unread and go do the climbs on-sight.

Either way, The Leap is a great place to climb, and I know you will enjoy the routes however you approach them.

Standard Disclaimer

The information given below is based on either my experience or the experiences of other climbers whose memories are not perfect and whose interpretations may not match your own. Ultimately, it is you who decides what is safe and reasonable. Never risk your safety based on anything you read here, or in any book or manual. Use your own judgement.


The most important beta I have to offer is on the squirrels. These little buggers will eat all your gear if you don't watch out. Please read my squirrel page before you visit the Leap.


Of course, not all routes are here because I haven't done all routes. There is a definite bias toward moderate routes because those are the ones I am able to climb. If climbers who climb at a higher standard would like to contribute beta, I'd be more than happy to incorporate it.

The star ratings are completely based on my subjective assessments and other climbers may feel strongly differently. I rate each climb with between zero and five stars (asterisks). A question mark means I haven't done the climb yet. Missing beta on climbs I have done just means I haven't had the time to write it up yet.

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