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This considers the two main research conferences in Cryptology, namely Crypto and Eurocrypt. They are both annual. The table below is restricted to a range of years which you are free to select; the default is 1981 to the current year. For each Person in the table, the following are tabulated:

PubCount = Number of papers published in the Crypto/Eurocrypt conferences for the indicated years
Start = Max(Year of first paper in these conferences, Indicated starting year for the table)
PubRate = PubCount / (-Start), the average number of papers per year for the indicated years
PCCount = Number of program committees of which Person has been a member for the indicated years
PCRate = PCCount / (-Start), the average number of PC memberships per year for the indicated years
Chair = Number of times program chair for the indicated years

This information is up to and including the PC and papers for Eurocrypt 2006 and the PC and papers for Crypto 2006. It is based on the information compiled by Kevin McCurley for the CDROM that goes up to Crypto 97, and on hand counts following that. The list is ordered by descending PubCount (with ties broken by PubRate). Please report any bugs or discrepancies to

Note: We are compiling existing data to get a picture of the trends of the main conferences in cryptography and their evolution with time. We are not making claims regarding the interpretation of the data, for example with regard to impact or quality of a person's work, which are more complex issues depending on numerous factors beyond publication counts.

Selecting a particular Person gives stats for that individual. This is done in a separate browser window.

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  Person PubCount Start PubRate PCCount PCRate Chair