CSCI 7000 - Ethical Hacking - Fall 2012

Homework #3

Due: Oct 31st, 2012 at 11am

For all homework submissions, you must show your method as well as your solution. I love reading narratives, "I first tried this, but couldn't get it working because of that..." Explain your thinking and you'll get more points!

1. Reach level 10 on razor. In order to receive credit, you must have a user account belonging to group lev10, and you must submit a write-up on how you broke each level. Include details (both narrative and code please). You are allowed to work in teams of at most two people. Teams need only have 1 member account at level 10, and only need to turn in one document.

2. Extra Credit

Don't do this unless you have already reached level 10 on razor and you want to do more.

Get to vortex8 on vortex. Refer to the vortex leveling guide to see how it works (it's quite different from razor). Same deal as above: you must document your work in order to receive credit.