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CSCI 7000: Topics in Combinatorics with Applications to Computer Science (Grad, Fall 2023) (a.k.a. Asymptotic Combinatorics a.k.a. Advanced Counting)


Student hours for this class: Thursdays 12:30-1:30 US Mountain Time, at my zoom link


There is no textbook for this class, we will read selections from some subset of the books below, lecture notes, and research articles. However, regardless of what we cover in class, these books are great resources! All the books below are either freely available, or available through CU libraries; in the latter case, the link below is to the CU Library Proxy that will log you in (if you don't want that look at the URL - it should be fairly clear how to modify it to not do that, or ask me for help).

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1: Fibonacci
Problem Set 2: Generating Functions
Problem Set 3: Exponential Generating Functions
Problem Set 4: Permutations by exponential generating functions
Problem Set 5: Inclusion-exclusion Updated 10/17
Problem Set 6: Counting with complexity
Problem Set 7: Counting under symmetry