STOC 04 Business Meeting Discussion on the Special Issue

As a result of the votes and subsequent discussions, the EC made two decisions:

a. The 2004 Special Issue will appear in SICOMP. This is consistent with the decisive vote at the Business Meeting and it ensures timely publication of the issue. It proved impossible to organize an 04 special issue in JCSS.

b. The EC will continue to consider the future of susequent Special Issues.

Regarding b, SIGACT Members may send opinions on the future of the Special Issue (not the 04 Issue) to

with the subject heading

Special Issue

before July 31.

Addition made July 22: Emails sent previously to the alias were not received! Please resend them to the above address. Because of this malfunction, the deadline for comments on the Special Issue is extended to August 31. Please send all emails to the above address

The Business Meeting was recorded so there is no need to restate opinions expressed at that meeting. Emails received will be posted on this website at the above link. If the volume of email warrants it this site will convert to allow interactive discussion.



Following the opinions expressed throughout the discussion by the overwhelming majority of participants in the TCS community, the SIGACT Executive Committee decided that the STOC Best Paper Issue will appear in the SIAM Journal on Computing.

FOCS has also decided to move its special issue to SICOMP. FOCS also has the same policy for Best Paper Awards. So FOCS and STOC will operate under identical policies.