Danna (pronounced similar to "Donna") Gurari; aka, Dr. G
Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
University of Colorado Boulder

Office Location: ECES 134 (1111 Engineering Drive)
Email: danna dot gurari, at sign, colorado dot edu
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Danna Gurari is an Assistant Professor as well as Founding Director of the Image and Video Computing group in the Computer Science Department at University of Colorado Boulder. Her group focuses on creating computing systems that enable and accelerate the analysis of visual information. Her research interests span computer vision, machine learning, human computation, crowdsourcing, human computer interaction, accessibility, and (bio)medical image analysis. Her work has been recognized with the 2020 Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at CSCW, 2020 SIG-USE Innovation Award at ASIS&T, 2017 Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at CHI, Researcher Excellence Award from the Boston University Computer Science Department in 2015, 2014 Best Paper Award for Innovative Idea at MICCAI IMIC, and 2013 Best Paper Award at WACV. Gurari's research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation's Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon. She received her Ph.D. from Boston University's Computer Science Department (advised by Dr. Margrit Betke), then served as a postdoctoral fellow in the Computer Science Department at University of Texas at Austin (supervised by Dr. Kristen Grauman), and then served as an Assistant Professor in the School of Information at University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin), where she still holds an affiliation as a Research Fellow. Before that, she held industry positions at two leading technology companies: Boulder Imaging and Raytheon.

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