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Student Directory - PhD

by Name by Class
Ababneh, Ehab NureddinPhD Candidateemail
Ahn, JunhoPhD Candidateemail
Al-Mutawa, Mohammad A. A. H.PhD Candidateemail
Alzabarah, Ali HamadPhD Candidateemail
Ananthanarayan, SwaminathanPhD Candidateemail
Barrenechea, MarioPhD Candidateemail
Basawapatna, Ashok RamPhD Candidateemail
Becker, LeePhD Candidateemail
Bir, Timsy KaurPhD Candidateemail
Blackshear, Samuel H.PhD Candidateemail
Brown, Allison ThompsonPhD Candidateemail
Chakarov, Aleksandar NevenovPhD Candidateemail
Chen, Wei-TePhD Candidateemail
Choi, Jinho DanielPhD Candidateemail
Cobb, Guy WilliamPhD Candidateemail
Connor, Nora Kate StantonPhD Candidateemail
Coughlin, Devin CurtissPhD Candidateemail
Danesh Bahreini, SoheilPhD Candidateemail
Di Natale, FrancescoPhD Candidateemail
Dibie, OgheneovoPhD Candidateemail
Dick, HolgerPhD Candidateemail
Dietrich, Charles M.PhD Candidateemail
Dixon, Bryan CharlesPhD Candidateemail
Dronen, Nicholas AndrewPhD Candidateemail
Duplyakin, DmitryPhD Candidateemail
Eskow, Elizabeth Ann (Betty)PhD Candidateemail
Garland, Joshua TylerPhD Candidateemail
Gartrell, Charles MichaelPhD Candidateemail
Giacomoni, John AnthonyPhD Candidateemail
Gonzales, Harold ThomasPhD Candidateemail
Gonzalez Pena, AntonioPhD Candidateemail
Hoehl, Jeffery ArthurPhD Candidateemail
Hoenigman, Rhonda OlcottPhD Candidateemail
Huang, YingdanPhD Candidateemail
Hughes, Amanda LeePhD Candidateemail
Jacobs, Abigail ZoePhD Candidateemail
Jaiantilal, AbhishekPhD Candidateemail
Jambi, Sahar HussainPhD Candidateemail
Jeong, JaeheonPhD Candidateemail
Jiang, YifeiPhD Candidateemail
Jones, Francis RussellPhD Candidateemail
Kanakia, Anshul PradipPhD Candidateemail
Kessel, Andrew MarkPhD Candidateemail
Khan, Danish UllahPhD Candidateemail
Kneusel, Ronald ThomasPhD Candidateemail
Knights, Daniel BrookePhD Candidateemail
Koh, Kyu HanPhD Candidateemail
Komendera, Erik EdmundPhD Candidateemail
Korytina, DanielPhD Candidateemail
Leduc-Mills, Benjamin A.PhD Candidateemail
Liang, Yu-LiPhD Candidateemail
Lindsey, Robert VictorPhD Candidateemail
Lonnon, Daryl DeanPhD Candidateemail
MacFerrin, Michael JohnPhD Candidateemail
Mahdian, AlirezaPhD Candidateemail
Marshall, Paul DavidPhD Candidateemail
Maull, Keith EugenePhD Candidateemail
McDonald, Daniel ThomasPhD Candidateemail
McEvoy, Michael AndrewPhD Candidateemail
Merritt, Sears AndrewPhD Candidateemail
Meyers, Jane KathrynPhD Candidateemail
Michalakes, John GeorgePhD Candidateemail
Motter, Pate AllenPhD Candidateemail
Nelson, Thomas HarrisonPhD Candidateemail
Nickerson, Hilarie BeaPhD Candidateemail
Noor, Adeeb RedhaPhD Candidateemail
Okoye, Ifeyinwa UchechukwuPhD Candidateemail
Pearre, Benjamin WestePhD Candidateemail
Peterson, Daniel WydePhD Candidateemail
Phillips, Caleb TimothyPhD Candidateemail
Profita, Halley PontPhD Candidateemail
Robbins-Pianka, AdamPhD Candidateemail
Robison, JasonPhD Candidateemail
Saha, DolaPhD Candidateemail
Salvetti, FrancoPhD Candidateemail
Sayler, Andrew JacksonPhD Candidateemail
Schaefbauer, Christopher LeePhD Candidateemail
Schram, Aaron ChristopherPhD Candidateemail
Sultan, Md. ArafatPhD Candidateemail
Tian, LeiPhD Candidateemail
Tsai, Yi-FanPhD Candidateemail
Verma, SudhaPhD Candidateemail
Vitousek, Michael MatsonPhD Candidateemail
Voran, Theron RichardPhD Candidateemail
Wagle, Neeti SharadPhD Candidateemail
Wailes, Christian ArthurPhD Candidateemail
Walz, Jonathan M.PhD Candidateemail
Warbritton, Donald AvonPhD Candidateemail
Wilder, Matthew HarrisPhD Candidateemail
Wing, Rowan MichaelPhD Candidateemail
Worden, Eric W.PhD Candidateemail
Wu, ShuminPhD Candidateemail
Xu, WeiPhD Candidateemail
Zheng, ChenyuPhD Candidateemail
Zietz, Jason IanPhD Candidateemail

This directory is generated from publicly available data maintained by the University. If you would like your information changed or removed from this Computer Science directory, send mail to Webmaster with the request. If you would like to update your information or have it removed from the University directory, you should be able to do so at

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