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Student Directory - MS

by Name by Class
Agarwal, KirunMS Candidateemail
Agrawal, Neelam SatishMS Candidateemail
Alanezi, Khaled AssafMS Candidateemail
Alharbi, Khalid AhmedMS Candidateemail
Barron, Joshua F.MS Candidateemail
Bennett, Huxley David (Huck)MS Candidateemail
Boughton, Alexandra Nicole (Alex)MS Candidateemail
Bourgeois, Michelle LaurenMS Candidateemail
Bubernak, Christopher MichaelMS Candidateemail
Budman, Lucas AllenMS Candidateemail
Buescher, Niklas HelmutMS Candidateemail
Chang, Ching-ChiaoMS Candidateemail
Chen, DongMS Candidateemail
Chen, Ming-LungMS Candidateemail
Coleman, David Thornton IVMS Candidateemail
Coury, Michael AnthonyMS Candidateemail
Cromer, Patrick BruceMS Candidateemail
Dasari, Nithesh ReddyMS Candidateemail
Devara, Satya ShanthiMS Candidateemail
Ebert, Jessica RoseMS Candidateemail
Echavarria, Margarita RosaMS Candidateemail
Elespuru, Peter RyanMS Candidateemail
Ellis, David AaronMS Candidateemail
Eshetu, Rediate AssefaMS Candidateemail
Farokhzad, HoumanMS Candidateemail
Ferguson, James HughMS Candidateemail
Frohardt, Robert ClarkMS Candidateemail
Gatchell, Anne MarieMS Candidateemail
Ghanakota, GayatriMS Candidateemail
Gibson, Leon IsaacMS Candidateemail
Goldberg, Drew MichaelMS Candidateemail
Goodman, Nicholas MarkMS Candidateemail
Gopalakrishna, ArjunMS Candidateemail
Grosshans, Christopher JamesMS Candidateemail
Gupta, AmitMS Candidateemail
Hakeem, Mazin OthmanMS Candidateemail
Hallesy, Brian DouglasMS Candidateemail
Hammuda, Ayman OmarMS Candidateemail
Hang, HaojieMS Candidateemail
Heider, Paul ManfredMS Candidateemail
Henke, Bradley DavidMS Candidateemail
Hossain, JavedMS Candidateemail
Janakiraman, VenkatapathyMS Candidateemail
Jeanette, Nicholas WesleyMS Candidateemail
Kelly, Brendan RobertMS Candidateemail
Kirby, Michael WarrenMS Candidateemail
Kominek, Jay FrederickMS Candidateemail
Kroiss, RyanMS Candidateemail
Lambi, Brice MitchellMS Candidateemail
Lian, MingMS Candidateemail
Lingala, Uday Kiran ReddyMS Candidateemail
Liu, YangMS Candidateemail
Lynch, Christopher AllenMS Candidateemail
Madden, Paul AaronMS Candidateemail
Mahajan, AbhijitMS Candidateemail
Martin, John FrankMS Candidateemail
Matthews, Benjamin AllanMS Candidateemail
McNulty, Margaret KatherineMS Candidateemail
McTaggart, Casey B.MS Candidateemail
Miller, Christopher JosephMS Candidateemail
Moffatt, Jerel DouglasMS Candidateemail
Mohamed, Moustafa Abdalla SayedMS Candidateemail
Monaco, Matthew LawrenceMS Candidateemail
Mortazavi, PonehsadatMS Candidateemail
Murphy, Joshua JamesMS Candidateemail
Mylsamy, DhivyaMS Candidateemail
Nour, Redhwan RedhaMS Candidateemail
O'Brien, Rosalind FredaMS Candidateemail
Pearse, Scott GardnerMS Candidateemail
Rajiv, AmruthaMS Candidateemail
Renduchintala, AdithyaMS Candidateemail
Ridgeway, KarlMS Candidateemail
Ripley, Matthew HarrisonMS Candidateemail
Roads, Brett DavidMS Candidateemail
Sawhney, AdityaMS Candidateemail
Schweikert, Marc AlanMS Candidateemail
Shen, Alan SunzenMS Candidateemail
Silkensen, Erik JosephMS Candidateemail
Singh, KaranvirMS Candidateemail
Singh, Mrigendra Arun KumarMS Candidateemail
Smith, Kyle ArthurMS Candidateemail
Spear, Landon WalterMS Candidateemail
Srivastava, PrithaMS Candidateemail
St. Charles, Timothy Wilson (Wil)MS Candidateemail
Stevenson, Hunter JamesMS Candidateemail
Strzepek, Janusz Marek (Jani)MS Candidateemail
Sutton, Daniel JosephMS Candidateemail
Tidwell, Ryan KendallMS Candidateemail
Udaya Shankar, BhavyaMS Candidateemail
Veazey, Carl BarlowMS Candidateemail
Virkar, Yogesh ShrikantMS Candidateemail
Wu, HanchaoMS Candidateemail
Zhang, ZhaojieMS Candidateemail

This directory is generated from publicly available data maintained by the University. If you would like your information changed or removed from this Computer Science directory, send mail to Webmaster with the request. If you would like to update your information or have it removed from the University directory, you should be able to do so at

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