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Department of Computer Science University of Colorado Boulder
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Student Directory - Minors

by Name by Class
Almani, Ammar MohammedMinoremail
Anderson, Lauren ChristineMinoremail
Bertrand, Nicholas PaulMinoremail
Callaghan, Kristina MarieMinoremail
Clement, Daniel RussellMinoremail
Corona, Robert DevanMinoremail
Cummings, Kyle MasaruMinoremail
Dao, RaymondMinoremail
Diller, Jedediah HillMinoremail
Dinkel, Kevin JamesMinoremail
Firner, Blake WilliamMinoremail
Garry, Kenneth AndrewMinoremail
Gleitz, Michael AaronMinoremail
Glugla, David JohnMinoremail
Hargett, Kristen PaigeMinoremail
Haro, Gilberto AfuangMinoremail
Henney, Samuel JonathanMinoremail
Jensen, Lauren MarieMinoremail
Johnson, David LavernMinoremail
Kirkman, Victoria IreneMinoremail
Mallory, Kody LaneMinoremail
Mar, Christopher HetzMinoremail
Massone, Gabrielle AnnMinoremail
Maton, Edward DavidMinoremail
Nemirow, William RussellMinoremail
Palacios Rivera, Linda SteffanyMinoremail
Rice, Daniel PatrickMinoremail
Riggins, Craig AndrewMinoremail
Rivera, Sean ArthurMinoremail
Sarsam, AnirudhMinoremail
See, May BlossomMinoremail
Shannon, Michael RobertMinoremail
Soukhovei, Vladislav AndreevichMinoremail
Stathopulos, Evan AndrewMinoremail
Tanksalvala, Michael DariusMinoremail
Teale, Carson ArthurMinoremail
Tiras, Joshua MichaelMinoremail
Trowbridge, Michael AaronMinoremail
Ulm, Britta KathleenMinoremail
Usery, John MichaelMinoremail
Wong, Kevin VitusMinoremail
Wu, Jonathan S.Minoremail
Yenzer, Shelby JaredMinoremail
Zhong, XingjieMinoremail
Zhu, Matthew GeneMinoremail
Zirkelbach, Stetson PoeMinoremail

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