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Student Directory - ME

by Name by Class
Balough, Steven PaulME Candidateemail
Bennett, Zachary WaltonME Candidateemail
Bowes, Jesse AlexanderME Candidateemail
Clark, Kevin LeeME Candidateemail
Cooper, Bradley DavidME Candidateemail
Cutter, RyanME Candidateemail
Dodeja, AnuragME Candidateemail
Duncan, David JonathanME Candidateemail
Grebe, Mark DouglasME Candidateemail
Irelan, William RalphME Candidateemail
Jeans, Rayland RobertME Candidateemail
Johnson, Michael RaymondME Candidateemail
Kelly, Justin R.ME Candidateemail
Kubinski, Ryan MichaelME Candidateemail
Larson, MicahME Candidateemail
Loomas, Robert N. Jr.ME Candidateemail
Luckett, Sean JamesonME Candidateemail
Ng, HendraME Candidateemail
Nielsen, Nicholas MartinME Candidateemail
Pico, Matthew RoyME Candidateemail
Reinschmidt, Tia SwagerME Candidateemail
Sheahan, Douglas JamesME Candidateemail
Smith, Brent MatthewME Candidateemail
Winkler, Russell JohnME Candidateemail

This directory is generated from publicly available data maintained by the University. If you would like your information changed or removed from this Computer Science directory, send mail to Webmaster with the request. If you would like to update your information or have it removed from the University directory, you should be able to do so at

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