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Graduate Committee


The Graduate Committee is charged with a broad range of graduate student affairs, both for Masters and PhD students. These include student recruiting, advising, curricula and examinations, fellowships, travel awards, policies, petitions, and others. In order to deal effectively with these issues, the Graduate Committee generally meets on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.


The Graduate Committee is composed of five faculty members, two graduate students, and the Graduate Advisor. The members of the Graduate Committee are

Shivakant Mishra, Chair and Faculty Member

The graduate student members are elected each spring by the graduate student body. One graduate student member must be a PhD student who has satisfied the requirements for the PhD preliminary examinations; the other graduate student member must be either a Masters student or a PhD student who has not satisfied the requirement for the PhD preliminary examinations.


Student Recruiting

Of increasing importance to the department is the recruitment of talented new graduate students. As industry continues to be an attractive alternative and as competition from other universities increases, the department must draw from a shrinking pool of prospective students. The Graduate Committee and other members of the department are developing innovative ways to attract new students. Prospective students should see the Prospective Graduate Student Guide.


One of the most notable responsibilities of the Graduate Committee is the review of prospective student applications and the selection of prospective students for admission. Currently, Masters and PhD applications are reviewed for both fall-semester and spring-semester. For further information, see the Graduate Degree Admission Requirements on the departmental website.


The Graduate Committee also provides academic advising for current graduate students. For inquiries regarding advising for current Masters or PhD students, contact Shivakant Mishra. Additionally, upon admittance to the department each graduate student is assigned a personal academic advisor. For inquiries regarding application to the Masters or PhD program, contact Jacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard.

Curricula and Examinations

The committee determines policy for the departmental graduate curricula and examinations. For further information regarding the Masters curriculum and the Masters comprehensive examination, see the MS Degree Requirements on the department's website, or contact Shivakant Mishra for special inquiries. For further information regarding the PhD curriculum and the PhD preliminary examinations, see the PhD Degree Requirements Overview or contact Shivakant Mishra for special inquiries.


Exploring and disseminating information about fellowships available to the department's graduate students is another responsibility of the Graduate Committee. If you have inquiries regarding fellowships, or if you are aware of fellowships or other sources of financial assistance that do not appear on the department website, please contact Shivakant Mishra.

Travel Grants

The Graduate Committee awards travel grants twice each semester (four times annually) to graduate students attending technical conferences and presenting work. For more information on the application process, deadlines, and requirements, see Travel Funds for Graduate Students or contact Shivakant Mishra for special inquiries.

Academic Dishonesty

The Graduate Committee deals with cases of academic dishonesty, as defined in the Graduate School's Policies on Academic Ethics and the University of Colorado Honor Code.

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