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Funding Opportunities


We realize that the high financial cost of obtaining a graduate degree is prohibitive for many students, especially for foreign students. For this reason, we actively seek opportunities to provide financial support to our students. For example, last year our faculty were successful in getting numerous grant proposals funded, all of which provide research assistantships for students. We currently provide financial support in the following forms:

Research Assistantships (RA)

A research assistant works closely with one or more faculty in performing research. Assistantships cover tuition and provide a stipend to cover living and other expenses. We typically have several RA opportunities available each fall. Please directly contact the faculty whose research interests you.

Teaching Assistantships (TA)

Teaching assistants teach or assist in teaching a course. Teaching assistantships provide a stipend and full or partial tuition support (depending on the assistantship).


We help our students apply for and secure fellowships from foundations, industry, and government.


We help our students secure summer internships at leading high-tech companies. Boulder County's large high-tech industry also provides convenient local opportunities for students.

Conference Travel Support

Both the Department of Computer Science and the Graduate School provide multiple awards each year to support student attendance at high-quality research conferences.

Local Industry

Boulder County has a large and rapidly growing high-tech industry, with companies such as Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Seagate, and Level 3, as well as smaller companies and startups providing additional opportunities for our graduate students and faculty.

With occasional exceptions, the above opportunities are available to all students, including international students.

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