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ME Degree Program


The principle difference between the Master of Engineering and the Master of Science degrees is that the Master of Engineering degree does not require a residency on campus. It is intended to meet the needs of those practicing engineers who are working full time outside the University. It also allows participants to pursue an integrated program of studies by specializing in one engineering discipline and selecting courses from other engineering fields and business subjects related to the individual student's professional work. A successful program to meet these needs requires greater flexibility in operation that is normally possible or intended under the Master of Science degree program.

The program is offered both on campus and through the Center for Advanced Engineering and Technology Education (CAETE), which delivers graduate courses taught on the Boulder campus to business, industry, and government agencies by live television with two-way audio communication. Engineers, computer scientists and technical managers may earn a master's degree in several areas of concentration without driving to campus.

Plan of Study

The Master of Engineering degree requirements encompass the following areas:

A plan of study must be completed.

Course Requirements

Thirty hours of coursework must be taken meeting the following requirements:

  • At least 18 credit hours of Computer Science courses at the 5000 level or above are required. CSCI 6800 (Master of Engineering Project) cannot be counted towards these 6 Computer Science courses.

  • The MS breadth requirement must be satisfied, but only in three Computer Science areas rather than four.

  • 12 credit hours of courses at the 4000 level or above are allowed. They can be from any department in the College of Engineering as long as they have "significant Computer Science content." However, the course must be taught by a member of the graduate faculty, and the course must be pre-approved by petition to the Graduate Committee via email to Jacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard.

  • The Master's Degree Plan Approval form must be submitted.

Master of Engineering Project

An alternative to the Degree Plan Approval is the Master of Engineering Project. A project defense must be scheduled with the Graduate School at least two weeks before the exam is held by submitting a Master's Examination or Project Report.

  • Students need a three-member committee to work on the project and must be registered for CSCI 6800. Students may take CSCI 6800 as many as two times during their ME degree at CU-Boulder and credit earned taking CSCI 6800 is counted towards the required 30 hours of the ME degree. A minimum of 3 credits of CSCI 6800 is required and a maximum of 6 credits is allowed.

  • The chair of the committee must be a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at CU-Boulder.

  • Students must work with their advisor to form the committee.

  • All three committee members must hold graduate faculty appointments in the Graduate School. Once a student decides on his/her committee members, he/she should inform the Graduate Program Advisor, Jacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard, as soon as possible.

  • All three members must sign the exam form once the project work is submitted. This exam form is the means to inform the Graduate School whether the student passed or failed the project.

  • It is up to the committee to decide on the format, content and evaluation mechanism of the project work.


A GPA of 3.0 must be maintained.

Time Limit

You have 6 years to complete the required 30 credit hours.


Please contact the Computer Science Department directly about ME degree requirements. For general information about the ME Degree Program, contact Graduate Program Advisor, Jacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard.

Applicants should follow the instructions in Graduate School Admission Process to download and complete the appropriate Graduate School application forms. Applicants should also download and complete the Department of Computer Science application form.

Please Note: Only the ME degree in the Computer Science Department is available through CAETE.

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