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CATS - 2003-2004

2000-2001 2001-2002 2003-2004
DLC 1B70
ICALKaren Shanklin (Sandia National Laboratories)
Jeffery W. (Jeff) Hampton (Sandia National Laboratories)
Sandia Labs CyberDefenders Program
ECCR 150
ICALJohn Spiers (CTO, LeftHand Networks)
Next Generation Storage Area Networks
ECCR 150
ICALBasit Mustafa (IBM Printing Systems)
Jeff Sikkink (IBM Printing Systems)
High Performance Printing Solutions
ECCR 150
ICALBill Mooz (Senior Director, Utility Computing, Sun Microsystems)
Utility Computing
ECCR 200
ICALJosh Swihart (Interlink Group)
Righting the Ship -- Evolution of the Offshore Model
ECCR 150
ICALPhil James-Roxby (Xilinx, Inc.)
Xilinx -- 20 Years of Innovation

The Colorado Advanced Technology Series wants to introduce students at the University of Colorado to the technology leaders of local and national industries and help the leaders of those companies explain what their companies do and why they are great places to work. If you would like to receive email notification of upcoming talks, subscribe to our CATS Mailing List.

The main event of CATS is a series of technical talks in the middle of each semester. In each seminar, a technical or business leader from a local or national company describes new or existing technical developments, the motivation for developing that technology and the corporate environment. Each seminar is followed by refreshments and a chance for students and industry representatives to mingle and talk. See CATS Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

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