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Senior Projects Win Awards at Spring 2011 Design Expo


April 2011

Forty Computer Science students exhibited their projects at the Spring 2011 Engineering Design Expo, held recently in the Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory. These students are members of nine teams completing Senior Projects (CSCI 4308-CSCI 4318) this year.

The expo showcased projects from throughout the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Two Computer Science Senior Projects received "Best in Section" awards at the expo:

  • ICUP

    ICUP - Android-Based Interface to Lokalite
    sponsored by

    Lokalite is a small, Boulder-based, startup company specializing in the distribution of information and advertisements primarily targeting college students, recent graduates, and young professionals. Lokalite plans to cover local events and organization profiles for various communities, starting with the Boulder community.

    Lokalite currently has a website that allows users to find events and organizations in the area. As a companion service to this website Lokalite wanted to increase client visibility by offering a subset of the website functionality via mobile devices. The solution to this problem is ICUP, which runs on Android devices running Android OS 2.1 or greater.

    ICUP offers users four major features: access to events by category, access to organizations by category, favorites, and featured content. Within each of these features the user can map the content, get more information and add/view items in their favorites for easy access. The events, organizations, and favorites also allow the user to search based on various criteria such as location, name, and time.

  • Waldo

    Waldo - Dynamic Call Handling Solution
    sponsored by Gold Systems, Inc.

    • Christopher Bubernak
    • Calvin Delamere
    • Benjamin Limmer
    • Andrew Taggart

    While there have been huge strides recently in phone technology with the rise of smart phones, the basic functionality of the phone has not changed. A phone will ring for a certain time and then transfer to voicemail or just transfer directly to voicemail if a cell phone doesn't have service. The problem with this approach is that there is available data that could be used to route the call in a more intelligent manner. The data available includes information about the caller, the time of day, and and the callee's availability set via Microsoft's Lync communication client. Gold Systems works closely with Lync and wanted their phone system to be more integrated with Lync so each user has a customizable digital personal assistant to manage their incoming calls.

    Waldo is a dynamic call handling solution that allows users to take advantage of their available user data. Users can create conditions using this data and then set up actions that describe how they would like to route incoming calls. These conditions and actions make up a series of rules which can filter incoming calls, much like email filters. Users can create these rules via a web application that resembles Outlook Web Application. Calls can either be forwarded to a phone, forwarded to voicemail or Waldo can query a user with an instant message. The instant message can be used to decide in real time how the user wants to handle the incoming call and also allows for text to speech communication back to the caller.

The Senior Projects course was taught by Bruce Sanders along with teaching assistant Andrew Kessel.

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