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Senior Projects Win Awards at Spring 2010 Design Expo


April 2010

Sixty Computer Science students exhibited their projects at the Spring 2010 Engineering Design Expo, held recently in the Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory. These students are members of thirteen teams completing Senior Projects (CSCI 4308-CSCI 4318) this year.

The expo showcased approximately 60 projects from throughout the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Two Computer Science Senior Projects received "Best in Section" awards at the expo:

  • comrad

    comrad - KGNU Radio On-Air Content Management
    sponsored by KGNU Community Radio

    KGNU is an independent, noncommercial community radio station licensed in Boulder and Denver and dedicated to serving its listeners. They seek to stimulate, educate and entertain their audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals, groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media. The station seeks to expand the listening audience through the excellence of its programming without compromising the principles stated here.

    At KGNU the station managers, music directors, and DJs work together to record information about what goes "On Air". They believe the technologies used to accomplish this can be improved upon. This project provides these improvements. By using newer technologies and completely redesigning the way information is created and saved, comrad has created an improved, web-based administration system for KGNU. Functions that comrad has implemented include a fully-functioning calendaring system, an entire scheduling engine including a full-featured recurrence engine, a music management system that allows the station to manage their music with minimal effort, a intuitive and beautiful user interface built from customized jQuery components, and an interface to Amazon's storefront API, which allows KGNU to add albums and their corresponding meta information directly from Amazon's database. These components together build a system that should help simplify the life of KGNU administrators, DJs, and music directors.

  • Gander

    Gander - Computer Vision and Machine Learning Based Object Detection
    sponsored by TKO Enterprises, Inc.

    TKO Enterprises, a startup based in Longmont, Colorado, provides products in the general sensor industry. They specialize in multiple sensor technologies, including sensors with the ability to discriminate between objects in the field of view and output signals based on detection of an object of interest. The sensor technologies of interest to the company include motion, proximity, and photoelectric and pattern-based recognition sensors. A major application of motion sensors is in convenience lighting and home security. The company is innovating products in the emerging use of image-recognition-based technologies to bring performance improvements to established sensor markets.

    Project Gander is machine learning based object recognition software that is used to identify target objects in a field of view. Gander takes in tens of thousands of images to train a "model", which Gander then tests to correctly identify a target object in an image. Gander's original use is in conjunction with a simple camera to identify geese to then sound an alarm to scare them away. Ultimately, Gander will be used in camera systems in the fields of security and convenience lighting.

The Senior Projects course was taught by Bruce Sanders along with teaching assistant Guy Cobb.

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