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LineRate Systems to Commercialize Software Acceleration Technology


January 2009

LineRate Systems and the University of Colorado recently announced that LineRate Systems has secured an exclusive option for high-rate software processing technology developed at CU-Boulder by LineRate Systems co-founders John Giacomoni (Department of Computer Science) and Manish Vachharajani (Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering).

"This packet processing technology represents the leading edge in software packet processing, delivering the performance of a special-purpose hardware solution while gaining the flexibility and cost advantages of software running on commodity general-purpose hardware systems," said Manish Vachharajani, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of LineRate Systems."

LineRate Systems

LineRate Systems' initial products will be network appliances designed to optimize web delivery in data centers or the cloud for enterprise and mid-market customers. The company plans to introduce its first product targeted at load balancing in mid-2009, with the help of a $50K Proof of Concept Investment (POCi) from the CU Technology Transfer Office. CU's POCi investments are designed to help move promising CU technology closer to becoming a commercial product.

"This team of inventors were able to recognize and communicate the value in their discovery largely through the collaborative Boulder Innovation Center process," said Kate Tallman, Director of Technology Transfer for CU-Boulder. "The BIC connected them with a deep pool of industry veterans who acted as a sounding board and made connections for them."

LineRate Systems' acceleration software will allow companies to implement application-tailored solutions on commodity computing platforms instead of custom hardware implementations. Users will not only realize a significantly lower total cost of ownership, but will also have the flexibility and customizability afforded by software solutions.

"This technology allows for the reuse of existing software infrastructure and talent, avoiding expensive and protracted hardware development cycles," said John Giacomoni, co-founder and VP of Engineering of LineRate Systems.

LineRate Systems, founded in 2008, develops high-performance network appliance software solutions that drive down the total cost of application delivery whether in the data center or the cloud for enterprise and mid-market customers. LineRate Systems is a privately held company located in Boulder, CO, based on the core packet processing technology developed by its co-founders at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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