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2008 Lloyd Fosdick Award Winner Announced


May 2008

The 2008 Lloyd Fosdick Award, intended to recognize exemplary collaborative projects that include Computer Science undergraduates as participants, was recently announced. This year's winning project was Picasso: Super Doodle -- A Web-Based Freehand Drawing Tool. Project team members were undergraduate Computer Science majors Brent Abbott, Teja Basava, Sean Hume and William Troxel.

Super Doodle

Boulder-based Kerpoof LLC has created the kids' website, which is "all about having fun, discovering things, and being creative". The site allows kids to create movies, stories and drawings and to share them with other kids. Kerpoof requested the development of a new drawing program, Super Doodle, that could be incorporated into the Kerpoof website.

Super Doodle is a web-based, freehand drawing program for kids -- but with a big twist. In addition to supporting all of the usual features of drawing programs such as save/load, undo/redo, clear, print, erase, fill, copy, color and pen size selection, move, and, of course, freehand drawing with the mouse, Super Doodle allows users with little drawing skill to create smooth, high-quality sketches. It does this by analyzing a user's mouse strokes to find various geometric features such as lines, curves, and angles, and then intelligently smoothes the results -- jagged edges become straight lines and rounded bends become perfect curves.

Further, Super Doodle employs a number of "shape detectors" to determine a user's intention to draw a particular shape, rather than requiring the user to explicitly indicate their intention by selecting a specific tool. Roughly drawn rectangles morph into perfect rectangles as do similarly squares, triangles, ellipses, circles, diamonds, kite-shapes, and stars; scribbling over a previously drawn closed shape results in the shape being filled with the color of the pen. The degree of correction can be user-controlled from no correction to always drawing "perfect" lines, curves and shapes.

Although originally planned simply as a proof-of-concept application, instead Super Doodle has been fully integrated it into all facets of Kerpoof's production website. Since this integration, Super Doodle has rapidly become one of Kerpoof's most popular products, with users filling the "shared scenes" section with amazingly-creative doodles. The project also won a "Best of Section Award" at the Spring 2008 Engineering Design Expo.

Picasso was one of eleven projects completed in Computer Science Senior Projects (CSCI 4308-CSCI 4318) during the 2007-2008 academic year. The Senior Projects course was taught by Bruce Sanders along with teaching assistants Guy Cobb and Karie Shipley.

The Undergraduate Committee wishes to congratulate the winners, as well as two other excellent teams that were also nominated for the award:

  • Discovery of HuR Binding Sites Using a Machine Learning Approach
    Jon Miller and Paul Johnson
    (nominated by Debra Goldberg)

  • Banga: Android-Based Delivery of Aphasia Therapy
    Branden Conley, Brian Freeman, Daniel Maples, and Jessica (Jessa) Rothenberg
    (nominated by Clayton Lewis)

This annual award is named for former Department Chair Lloyd Fosdick. Nominations for the award come from Computer Science faculty directing group projects, with the Undergraduate Committee selecting the award-winning project from those nominated each year. Each undergraduate student in the award-winning group will receive a $50 prize.

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