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Siek's GEEN 1400 Project Wins Top Award at Engineering Design Expo


December 2009

Fall 2009 Design Expo

The Fall Engineering Design Expo featured more than 300 students who showcased 78 projects developed in GEEN 1400: First Year Engineering Projects, GEEN 3400: Invention and Innovation, or ASEN 2500: Gateway to Space. Over 300 attendees voted for the "Peoples Choice Award", which was given to the Bike Block Bash project from the GEEN 1400: Games for Health. Members of the student team creating the winning project were

  • Michael (Mo) Andrews
  • Evan Archuleta
  • Sean Edwards
  • Jonathan (Johnny) Ernster
  • Michael Shannon
  • Christopher Taylor

Bike Block Bash (B3 for short) is a fun and entertaining way to engage in physical activity by combining stationary biking with a popular puzzle game Tetris. The faster a user pedals, the slower the puzzle pieces fall on the screen. A user moves pieces back and forth across the screen by moving the stationary bike's handle bars and rotates pieces by pushing a button on the handlebars.

The entire system cost $195.21 to create -- $75 for a used stationary bike and approximately $120 in sensors. The game was programmed completely from scratch in LabView. Students experimented with different sensors to sense cadence, handle bar rotation, and various button presses (rotation, start/pause game, changing direction of handle bars and screen visualization). In addition, the students programmed their own unique sound track for the game.

The project also received the "Best in Section" award. This recognition was given by industry judges based on interviews with each project team, demonstrations of each project, and evaluation of each project's results by the judges.

Four other projects from the class were also rated highly by the judges:

  • The Incredibles and Slice and Dice teams created two types of musical stairs that were informed by Volkswagen's The Fun Theory and the Boston Museum of Science.

  • Team Marlin and Friends spread the word about engineering and computing by evaluating their interval trainer and pedometer project in the CU Recreation Center.

  • Team Ubermunch evaluated their light-up, adjustable roller uberblades in a CU dormitory.

The class was directed by Professor Katie A. Siek along with teaching assistant Muhammad Awan.

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