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Eisenberg Named President's Teaching Scholar


February 2006

Associate Professor Michael Eisenberg was recently named a University of Colorado President's Teaching Scholar. The President's Teaching Scholars Program was established in 1989 to honor and reward faculty members from the three campuses of the university for exemplary teaching and scholarship. The program recognizes an exceptional group of faculty who are advocates of and consultants for innovation in teaching excellence at the University of Colorado and who integrate their excellence in research and scholarship in their teaching. Teaching Scholars also are called upon to consult with the president of the university on means to promote and ensure distinguished teaching in all areas of the university's educational endeavor.

Michael Eisenberg photo

Appointment as a President's Teaching Scholar constitutes the University's highest designation of recognition for excellence in teaching as well as active and substantial contribution to research in one's discipline or, in the case of a less senior scholar, indications of path-breaking contribution to his or her field.

President's Teaching Scholars have the following attributes:

  • Enthusiasm and vitality in teaching, and for learning,

  • Evidence of continuous growth and leadership in the field of study,

  • Effective design and redesign of courses to produce intellectual challenge and high effort,

  • Active and effective engagement in advising students and in guiding student learning and research projects,

  • Encouragement of intellectual interests in beginning students and of greater achievement in advanced students,

  • Exceptional command of the subject matter, and

  • Highest level of responsiveness to, and understanding of, a diverse student body.

The appointment of a faculty member as a President's Teaching Scholar represents the achievement of national or international recognition for exciting and original research in the discipline as evidenced by publications, and indicates that the appointee's research is of such character that the faculty member's presence elevates the standards and expectations of teaching and scholarship of colleagues both within their academic field and beyond. To be an outstanding teacher, the individual should balance state-of-the-art knowledge with inspired transmission of it. The appointment presumes collegiality and engagement with Teaching Scholar colleagues at retreats, in projects, undertaken both individually and collectively, and in stimulating discussion, innovation and critical reflection on teaching.

Eisenberg was cited for his innovative research in education and for his outstanding record as an inspirational teacher. He joins 29 other Boulder faculty named over the past 17 years.

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