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French, Shuster and Versteeg Named 2008 Domino Award Recipients


April 2008

Engineering students John French, Kelly Anne Shuster and Alan Versteeg were recently named recipients of the 2008 Domino Award. The Domino Award is given annually to Computer Science students for an outstanding essay honoring the impact that other computer scientists have made on modern society. Essays were judged for their ability to clearly communicate how the honoree's work set in motion a "series of dominos" that changed the world. The award is based on Domino Theory:

... a framework that helps people understand that no matter how large or small your hopes and dreams are, you can meet them by seeing the world around you as a set of dominos. Sometimes the dominos need to be "set up", other times the dominos are just waiting to be tipped over. Either way, one tip leads to the next, and before long something big is happening. No longer will you be saying to yourself, "Oh, I just can't make a difference so why try." All it takes is one small strategic action to Set Big Things In Motion!

The Domino Award was created by Computer Science Professor Clayton Lewis and serial entrepreneur and CU Computer Science alumnus Herb Morreale (BS 1991). This year's awards were sponsored by AppliedTrust, Rally Software Development Corporation, Stratom, Inc. and Tendril Networks, Inc.

Winners receive a $500 cash award and an all expenses paid trip to the next Telluride Tech Festival, a "Celebration of the Past, Present and Future of Technology". The winning essays were

  • Domino Theory: Tribute to Raymond Kurzweil
    by John T. French
    (Junior, Department of Computer Science)

  • Grace Hopper: Dominos Two-Fold
    by Kelly Anne K. Shuster
    (Senior, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

  • Daniel Bricklin: Not Just a Software Developer
    by Alan Versteeg
    (Senior, Department of Computer Science)

The awards were presented April 14, 2008 at a ceremony held in the Department's Computer Science Education Lab. The ceremony featured a keynote by Bill Coleman, CEO of Cassatt Corporation and founding donor of the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities. In addition to remarks by Lewis and Morreale, attendees heard brief comments from Trent Hein (Co-Founder and CEO of AppliedTrust), Benjamin Whaley (2003 Domino Award recipient) and John Conley (Deputy Chief Information Officer, State of Colorado).

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