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Haussler and Myers Named Distinguished Engineering Alumni


April 2005

Six alumni and a former director of the Women in Engineering Program were honored with the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award at the 40th annual Engineering Awards Banquet on April 22, 2005. The awards recognize alumni and special friends of the college who have distinguished themselves through outstanding personal qualities, knowledge, and significant contributions to their field.

Dean Robert Davis presented the 2005 awards in the categories of private practice, government service, industry and commerce, research and invention, and special, a category honoring non-alumni who have provided outstanding service to the college. The recipients were nominated by their colleagues and selected for the awards by the Engineering Advisory Council.

Two of this year's awards went to Computer Science alumni David Haussler and Eugene Myers:

David H. Haussler was on the computer science faculty at the University of California at Santa Cruz when he introduced hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysis, developed a kernel function from the profiles to be used in support vector machine training, and played a leading role in assembling the human genome sequence. His work became a key component of the international collaboration to complete the reference sequence, and his research group has made continuing contributions to the discovery of information in the sequence, such as finding the genes and characterizing the evolutionary properties uncovered by comparing the mouse and human sequences. He is now a professor of bio-molecular engineering at UC-Santa Cruz and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

David Haussler photo

Eugene W. Myers, who was on the faculty at the University of Arizona in the 1980s and most of the 1990s, introduced several improved algorithms for sequence comparisons and co-developed the BLAST program for fast, sensitive database searches, which is considered a seminal event in the creation of bio-informatics. He also developed the methodology for assembling genome sequences from short DNA sequences, from which methods for obtaining entire genome sequences from a whole-genome shotgun approach were developed. From 1998 to 2002, he worked for the company Celera Genomics as director of computational projects leading to the sequencing of the human and other genomes. He subsequently joined the computer science faculty at the University of California at Berkeley.

Eugene Myers photo

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