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1999 Local ACM Programming Contest Announced


October 1999

1999 Local ACM Programming Contest

Prizes ... Pizza ... Pop ... Programming
First place:$100.00
Second place:50.00
Third Place:30.00
4th - 10th Place:20.00
Saturday, October 30, 1999

ECCH 105 (new Whitewater CS Lab)

Each year the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery, the Computer Science Professional Society) holds an international programming contest. Each region from the US and the world, sends two teams to compete; there are about 30 regions. We are the Mountain regional and include schools from Mexico to Canada; our regional contest is here at CU on Saturday, November 20 from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Our local contest is to choose three teams of 3 students each to represent us at the Regionals and hopefully at the Internationals too. We have often sent teams to the Internationals; last year we won the regional contest and sent our team to Internationals in Eindhoven, Holland; this year the Internationals are in Orlando, Florida, March 15-19 (spring break is March 27-31). Participating in Internationals looks good on your resume or grad school application too. And it's a free trip to Orlando.

Our teams for the regionals will be chosen from the winners of the local contest and Evi's list of hotshots. Each team can contain at most one grad student in their first or second year of grad school and at least two undergrads. The local contest will be a mix of individuals (teams of 1) and teams of 3; if you have competed before and want to enter with your team that's fine; if you are new to our contests or don't have a team you can compete as individuals. Each team has one machine/keyboard to share. The programming environment for the local and regional contest is C/C++ on UNIX. At Internationals you will have to use IBM compilers (they are the sponsor) on NT machines.

Any student is welcome to participate in the local contest, especially non-CS majors and high school students. Non-students are welcome but not eligible for the prizes. The contest also needs many helpers, so if you are interested but don't want to spend your Saturday programming, come by and help run it. Please contact Evi Nemeth to volunteer.

Don't forget, PIZZA, free pizza, Lots of Totally Awesome Pizza
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