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Department of Computer Science University of Colorado Boulder
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Computing Facilities


The Department of Computer Science has a variety of computing facilities for use by faculty, staff and students. These include general purpose computing labs provided by the University, additional instructional labs and administrative computing resources provided by the department, and specialized labs dedicated to the work of individual research groups.

Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is the primary information-technology provider on the University of Colorado Boulder campus, with services for telephony, media, computing and networking. OIT provides general-purpose computing facilities to the campus at large and also manages general-purpose computing facilities for faculty and staff within the department.

The following OIT labs are located in the Engineering Center and are generally open to anyone in the CU community with an IdentiKey Account:

See OIT Computer Labs for more information on all OIT computing facilities. Contact the IT Service Center with any questions or issues related to these facilities.

Computer Science Educational Labs (CSEL)

The Computer Science Educational Labs (CSEL) provide instructional facilities that cover the specialized educational needs of CSCI classes that cannot be met by the more general-purpose facilities provided by the University through OIT. The CSEL facilities are available for use by all Computer Science majors, as well as by all students who are enrolled in specific Computer Science classes that require those specialized facilities.

The following CSEL locations (all in the Engineering Center) are generally open to anyone with a Computer Science login account:

Contact CSEL Systems Administrator Mark Dehus with any questions or issues related to these labs.

Research Computing Labs

Various research groups within the department maintain computing facilities specific to their individual work. Contact a specific research group directly for information related to their computing facilities. A Research Network is also maintained to support research computing facilities.

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