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Department of Computer Science University of Colorado Boulder
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Phone Directory


General Numbers

Computer Science Department Main OfficeECOT 717+1-303-492-7514
Computer Science Department FAXECOT 717+1-303-492-2844
TA OfficeECCS 1B23+1-303-492-1759
Campus Information +1-303-492-1411


Anderson, KennethvCard email home page ECCS 111A
(by appointment)
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Chair 
Bennett, JohnvCard email home page ATLS 213
(by appointment)
Professor and Director of ATLAS Institute 
Black, JohnvCard email home page ECOT 627
(by appointment)
Associate Professor 
Bradley, ElizabethvCard email home page ECOT 747
(by appointment)
Brown, TimothyvCard email home page ECOT 256
(by appointment)
Associate Professor (Affiliated)
Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
Byrd, RichardvCard email home page ECOT 620
(by appointment)
Cai, Xiao-ChuanvCard email home page ECOT 726
(by appointment)
Chang, Bor-Yuh EvanvCard email home page ECOT 621
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor 
Clauset, AaronvCard email home page ECOT 743
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor 
Colunga, ElianavCard email home page MUEN D447B
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor (Affiliated)
Department of Psychology
Correll, NikolausvCard email home page ECOT 733
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor 
DiGiano, ChristophervCard email home page Google, Inc. +1-303-800-2922
Adjoint Assistant Professor 
Dorn, GeoffreyvCard email  TerraSpark Geosciences +1-303-807-8659
Adjoint Assistant Professor 
Dowell, RobinvCard email home page PORT B160A
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor (Affiliated)
Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Ehrenfeucht, AndrzejvCard email home page ECOT 731
(by appointment)
Distinguished Professor 
Eisenberg, AnnvCard email home page DLC 1B14
(by appointment)
Adjunct Assistant Professor 
Eisenberg, MichaelvCard email home page ECOT 736
(by appointment)
Ellis, Clarence (Skip)vCard email home page (by appointment)  
Professor Emeritus 
Fischer, GerhardvCard email home page ECOT 737
(by appointment)
Professor and Director, Center for Lifelong Learning and Design 
Fosdick, LloydvCard email    +1-303-682-9070
Professor Emeritus 
Gabow, Harold (Hal)vCard email home page (by appointment)  
Professor Emeritus 
Goldberg, DebravCard email home page ECOT 734
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor 
Gruchalla, KennyvCard email home page National Renewable Energy Laboratory +1-303-275-3713
Adjunct Assistant Professor 
Grunwald, DirkvCard email home page ECCR 1B50D
(by appointment)
Han, RichardvCard email home page ECCR 1B05F
(by appointment)
Associate Professor 
Heimbigner, DennisvCard email home page University Corporation for Atmospheric Research +1-303-497-8658
Adjunct Assistant Professor 
Hunter, LawrencevCard email home page University of Colorado School of Medicine
(by appointment)
Professor (Affiliated)
Computational Bioscience Program
Jessup, ElizabethvCard email home page ECOT 625
(by appointment)
King, Roger (Buzz)vCard email home page ECOT 749
(by appointment)
Knight, RobvCard email home page PORT B047A
(by appointment)
Associate Professor (Affiliated)
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lewis, ClaytonvCard email home page ECOT 524
(by appointment)
Lv, Qin (Christine)vCard email home page ECCR 1B05C
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor 
Main, MichaelvCard email home page ECOT 738
(see office hours)
Professor Emeritus 
Martin, JamesvCard email home page ECOT 735
(by appointment)
Professor and Chair 
Mathew, TarekvCard email    +1-415-876-5424
Adjunct Professor 
McBryan, OlivervCard email     
Professor Emeritus 
Mishra, ShivakantvCard email home page ECCR 1B05B
(by appointment)
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies 
Mozer, MichaelvCard email home page ECOT 741
(by appointment)
Mulligan, JanevCard email home page ECOT 527
(by appointment)
Research Assistant Professor 
Nemeth, EvivCard email home page Wonderland +1-303-443-9832
Associate Professor Attendant Rank Emeritus 
Nutt, GaryvCard email home page (by appointment)  
Professor Emeritus 
Palen, LeysiavCard email home page ECCS 111B
(by appointment)
Associate Professor 
Palmer, MarthavCard email home page HLMS 295
(by appointment)
Professor (Affiliated)
Department of Linguistics
Repenning, AlexandervCard email home page ECOT 826
(by appointment)
Research Professor 
Rozenberg, GrzegorzvCard email home page Leiden University (++31)71-5-277061
Adjunct Professor 
Sanders, BrucevCard email home page (by appointment) +1-303-492-8118
Senior Instructor Emeritus 
Sankaranarayanan, SriramvCard email home page ECOT 624
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor 
Schnabel, Robert (Bobby)vCard email home page Indiana University +1-812-856-1079
Professor Emeritus 
Schreüder, Willem (Vlakkies)vCard email  Principia Mathematica, Inc.
(by appointment)
Adjunct Assistant Professor 
Sicker, DouglasvCard email home page ECCR 1B54A
(by appointment)
Associate Professor 
Siek, JeremyvCard email home page ECOT 342
(by appointment)
Assistant Professor (Affiliated)
Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
Siek, KatievCard email home page ECST 322C
(MT 10:00am-11:00am)
Assistant Professor 
Sumner, TamaravCard email home page ECOT 525
(by appointment)
Associate Professor 
Tufo, HenryvCard email home page ECOT 623
(by appointment)
Waite, WilliamvCard email home page ECEE 1B63
(by appointment)
Professor Emeritus 
Ward, WaynevCard email  CINC 182D +1-303-938-2583
Research Professor 
White, ElizabethvCard email home page ECOT 822
(by appointment)
Winklmann, KarlvCard     
Senior Instructor Emeritus 
Wolf, AlexandervCard email home page Imperial College London +44(0)20-7594-8355
Adjunct Professor 

Administrative Staff

Atkinson, BobbievCard email  ECOT 723 +1-303-492-1503
Research Grant Administrator 
DeBoard, Jacqueline (Jackie)vCard email  ECOT 725
(MTRF 7:30am-4:00pm)
Graduate Program Advisor 
Iovine, FrancescavCard email  ECOT 732 +1-303-492-1592
Program Administrator, L3D Center 
Koulermos, LouisevCard email  ECOT 717 +1-303-492-7514
Main Office Administrator 
McDowell, LesleyvCard email  ECOT 727
(MTWRF 9:30am-12:00pm, MTWR 1:00pm-4:30pm ... majors; F 1:00pm-4:30pm ... minors, non-majors, prospective students)
Undergraduate Program Advisor 
Morris, StephanievCard email  ECOT 722 +1-303-492-6101
Assistant to the Chair and Financial Manager 

Computing Operations Staff

Alzabarah, AlivCard email home page ECOT 727 +1-303-492-5720
System Administrator 
Dehus, MarkvCard email  ECCS 112B +1-303-735-6275
CAETE Application and Research Manager 

Research Staff

Chen, RongliangvCard email  ECCS 121 +1-303-492-4932
Professional Research Assistant 
Eden, Harold (Hal)vCard email home page DLC 170A +1-303-492-7104
Research Associate 
Erath, ChristophvCard email     
Professional Research Assistant 
Feld, JessicavCard email  ECOT 820 +1-303-492-7391
Professional Research Assistant 
Li, DongshengvCard email  ECEE 189 +1-303-492-2195
Professional Research Assistant 
Sullivan, JamesvCard email  DLC 170D +1-303-492-3912
Senior Research Associate 
Yang, ChaovCard email     
Research Associate 


Ahmadi, Navidemail home page DLC 170F +1-303-735-0223
Basman, Antranigemail home page ECCR 1B05F  
Bennett, Vickiemail  ECOT 824 +1-303-492-7852
Chun, Junchul (J.C.)email     
Díez Cebollero, Davidemail home page DLC 170B +1-303-492-4147
Sarcevic, Aleksandraemail home page ECCS 111  
Sridharan, Manuemail home page ECOT 525  

Computer Operations

CSOpsECOT 727+1-303-492-5720
Computer Science Education Lab (CSEL)ECCS 128 
General Purpose LabECCS 112 
Woz LabECCS 112A 
South Park Lab (Schenk)ECCS 112C+1-303-492-9039
Numerical Analysis Center (NAC)ECCR 252+1-303-492-7778
Office of Information Technology (OIT) +1-303-492-8172
OIT Help Line +1-303-735-4357
CAETE TV RoomECCS 1B24+1-303-492-7900

Conference Rooms and Equipment

reserve 8th Floor Large Conference RoomECOT 831+1-303-492-0915
reserve 8th Floor Small Conference RoomECOT 832 
reserve Senior Project Meeting RoomECCR 1B06 
reserve Faculty LoungeECOT 718 
reserve CSEL Conference RoomECCS 122 
reserve CSEL ClassroomECCS 112C 
reserve Projector/Video EquipmentECOT 717+1-303-492-7514
reserve Audio EquipmentECOT 717+1-303-492-7514

Research Labs and Offices

Bioinformatics Lab (Goldberg)ECST 324+1-303-735-1067
Center for LifeLong Learning & Design (L3D)DLC 170F+1-303-492-3103
Center for LifeLong Learning & Design (L3D)DLC 170M+1-303-492-1218
Center for LifeLong Learning & Design (L3D) Center (Fischer, Eden)DLC 170+1-303-735-0223
Coleman Exploratory Systems Lab (Lewis)DLC 1B20 
Computer Science Research Lab (Chang, Clauset, Sankaranarayanan)ECCS 1B11 
CRAFT Technology Lab (Eisenberg)DLC 1B10+1-303-735-6042
CRAFT Technology Lab (Eisenberg)DLC 1B14+1-303-735-6042
Intelligence in Action Lab (Mulligan)ECCS 1B21+1-303-492-8136
Numerical Lab (Byrd, Cai, Jessup, Tufo)ECCS 121+1-303-492-4932
Numerical Lab (Byrd, Cai, Jessup, Tufo)ECCS 123+1-303-492-4932
Robotics Lab (Correll)ECCS 1B21+1-303-492-8136
Software Engineering Research Lab (Anderson, Palen)ECCS 111+1-303-492-8115
Cognitive Modeling Lab (Mozer)ECCS 127+1-303-492-8115
Systems Lab (Bennett, Diwan,Grunwald,Han,Lv,Mishra,Sicker)ECCR 1B05+1-303-952-4521
Systems Lab (Bennett, Diwan,Grunwald,Han,Lv,Mishra,Sicker)ECCR 1B15+1-303-952-4521
Systems Lab (Bennett, Diwan,Grunwald,Han,Lv,Mishra,Sicker)ECCR 1B50+1-303-952-4521
Systems Lab (Bennett, Diwan,Grunwald,Han,Lv,Mishra,Sicker)ECCR 1B54+1-303-952-4521
Wellness Innovation and Interaction Lab (Siek)ECST 324+1-303-735-1067

College of Engineering

Dean's OfficeECAD 110+1-303-492-7006
General College of Engineering InformationECAD 100+1-303-492-5071
CU Engineering @ Boulder on Facebook  
Engineering Center Building ProctorECAD 100+1-303-492-5072
Gemmill Engineering LibraryMATH 135+1-303-492-5396
Herbst Program of Humanities for EngineersLesser+1-303-735-2444
Integrated Teaching and Learning LaboratoryITLL 1B40+1-303-492-7222
Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD)ECCE 100+1-303-492-6606
Center for Advanced Engineering and Technology Education (CAETE)ECOT 126+1-303-492-6331
Department of Aerospace Engineering SciencesECOT 634+1-303-492-6417
Department of Applied MathematicsECOT 225+1-303-492-4668
Department of Chemical and Biological EngineeringECCH 111+1-303-492-7471
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural EngineeringECOT 441+1-303-492-6382
Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy EngineeringECEE 1B55A+1-303-492-7327
Department of Engineering PhysicsDUAN 1B32+1-303-492-6953
Department of Mechanical EngineeringECME 112+1-303-492-7151
Davis, Robertemail home page ECAD 136 +1-303-492-7314
Professor and Dean of the College of Engineering 
Dunn, Martinemail home page ECAD 144 +1-303-492-6542
Professor and Associate Dean for Research 
Argrow, Brianemail home page ECAD 101 +1-303-492-5312
Professor and Associate Dean for Education 
Steiner, Maryemail  ECAD 108 +1-303-492-7696
Assistant Dean for Students 
Sullivan, Jacquelynemail  ITLL 1B44 +1-303-492-8303
Research Associate and Associate Dean for Student Cultivation 
Snyder, Sherylemail  ECAD 110 +1-303-492-7674
Director of Student Programs 
Finau-Starkey, Leleiemail  ECCE 113A +1-303-492-1146
First-Year Experience Coordinator 
Lee, Gretchenemail  ECAD 115 +1-303-735-2440
Scholarship Coordinator/Student Programs Assistant 
Zelasko, JoAnnemail home page ECAD 134 +1-303-492-7720
Assistant Dean for Administration 
Sandekian, Robynemail home page DLC 111 +1-303-735-6708
Engineering for Developing Communities and Service Learning Programs Coordinator 
Riggs, Whitneyemail  ECCE 114 +1-303-492-8152
Engineering Career Counselor 
Rowe, Carolemail  ECAD 142 +1-303-492-7426
Director of Engineering Communications 
Dawson, Arthuremail  ECAD 132A +1-303-735-0557
Director of Industry Partnerships 
Goldin, Carrieemail  ECAD 137 +1-303-492-3634
Director of Alumni Relations 
Lobejko, Nickemail  University of Colorado Foundation +1-303-492-6702
Associate Director of Development 
Sherman, Aletaemail  University of Colorado Foundation +1-303-492-7335
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations 
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