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Class Schedule - Summer 1989

by Semester by Instructor by Course
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CSCI 1200-000 (4).Introduction to Computing
Summer 1989sec. 000-----  TBDTBDBruce Gilland
CSCI 1210-000 (4).Introduction to Programming 2
Summer 1989sec. 000-----  TBDTBDWendy Goldschmidt
CSCI 1700-000 (3).Introduction to Scientific Programming
Summer 1989sec. 000-----  TBDTBDCathleen Wharton

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To sign up for a course that has recitations (or labs) you only need to sign up for a recitation (or lab). That automatically enrolls you in the corresponding lecture. Same for dropping. That's why recitations (and labs) have call numbers, but courses with recitations (or labs) don't.

Instructor Consent

Some courses may show no call number because registration requires instructor consent. Please contact the professor.


Courses indicated as "offered through CAETE" will be listed in the schedule of the Center for Advanced Engineering and Technology Education, which delivers lectures live to off-campus sites. If the off-campus enrollment warrants offering these courses in this fashion, the lectures are usually held in CAETE facilities in the Engineering Center. See CAETE Online Classes for more on Computer Science classes offered through CAETE.

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