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Course Coordinators


Course coordinators are faculty and/or staff responsible for the overall management of each course offered by the Department. While individual class instructors are usually the best contacts for information about a particular class, course coordinators can be a valuable resource for issues related to the course in general. The following is a list of course coordinators for all courses currently taught in the Department of Computer Science:

CSCI 1000. Computer Science as a Field of Work and StudyClayton Lewis
CSCI 1220. Virtual Worlds: An Introduction to Computer ScienceJohn Bennett
CSCI 1240. The Computational WorldMichael Eisenberg
CSCI 1300. Computer Science 1: ProgrammingClayton Lewis
CSCI 2270. Computer Science 2: Data StructuresMichael Main
CSCI 2400. Computer SystemsDirk Grunwald
CSCI 2824. Discrete StructuresMichael Main
CSCI 2830. Special Topics in Computer ScienceLesley McDowell
CSCI 2900. Lower-Division, Undergraduate Level Independent StudyLesley McDowell
CSCI 3002. Human-Centered Computing FoundationsGerhard Fischer
CSCI 3104. AlgorithmsJohn Black
CSCI 3112. Human-Centered Computing Professional DevelopmentClayton Lewis
CSCI 3155. Principles of Programming LanguagesAmer Diwan
CSCI 3202. Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceJames Martin
CSCI 3287. Database and Information SystemsRoger (Buzz) King
CSCI 3302. Introduction to RoboticsNikolaus Correll
CSCI 3308. Software Engineering Methods and ToolsAmer Diwan
CSCI 3434. Theory of ComputationAndrzej Ehrenfeucht
CSCI 3656. Numerical ComputationRichard Byrd
CSCI 3702. Cognitive ScienceMichael Mozer
CSCI 3753. Operating SystemsRichard Han
CSCI 4000. Entrepreneurship in ComputingLesley McDowell
CSCI 4113. UNIX System AdministrationDouglas Sicker
CSCI 4123. Network LaboratoryDouglas Sicker
CSCI 4133. Security LaboratoryDouglas Sicker
CSCI 4143. Principles of Telecommunications PolicyDouglas Sicker
CSCI 4202. Artificial Intelligence 2Michael Mozer
CSCI 4229. Computer GraphicsWillem (Vlakkies) Schreüder
CSCI 4273. Network SystemsShivakant Mishra
CSCI 4308. Software Engineering Project 1Bruce Sanders
CSCI 4312. Health InformaticsKatie Siek
CSCI 4314. Algorithms for Molecular BiologyDebra Goldberg
CSCI 4317. Genome Databases: Mining and ManagementRob Knight
CSCI 4318. Software Engineering Project 2Bruce Sanders
CSCI 4322. Things That ThinkMichael Eisenberg
CSCI 4332. Game ProgrammingClayton Lewis
CSCI 4342. Groupware and Workflow SystemsLeysia Palen
CSCI 4412. Design, Creativity and New MediaGerhard Fischer
CSCI 4446. Chaotic DynamicsElizabeth Bradley
CSCI 4448. Object-Oriented Analysis and DesignKenneth Anderson
CSCI 4555. Compiler ConstructionJeremy Siek
CSCI 4576. High-Performance Scientific Computing 1Henry Tufo
CSCI 4593. Computer OrganizationManish Vachharajani
CSCI 4753. Computer Performance ModelingDirk Grunwald
CSCI 4809. Computer AnimationRoger (Buzz) King
CSCI 4810. Seminar in Computational Biology and Health InformaticsDebra Goldberg
CSCI 4830. Special Topics in Computer ScienceLesley McDowell
CSCI 4839. User-Centered DesignLeysia Palen
CSCI 4900. Upper-Division, Undergraduate Level Independent StudyLesley McDowell
CSCI 4950. Senior ThesisLesley McDowell
CSCI 5229. Computer GraphicsWillem (Vlakkies) Schreüder
CSCI 5273. Network SystemsShivakant Mishra
CSCI 5312. Health InformaticsKatie Siek
CSCI 5314. Algorithms for Molecular BiologyDebra Goldberg
CSCI 5317. Genome Databases: Mining and ManagementRob Knight
CSCI 5322. Things That ThinkMichael Eisenberg
CSCI 5332. Game ProgrammingClayton Lewis
CSCI 5342. Groupware and Workflow SystemsLeysia Palen
CSCI 5412. Design, Creativity and New MediaGerhard Fischer
CSCI 5417. Information Retrieval SystemsJames Martin
CSCI 5444. Introduction to Theory of ComputationAndrzej Ehrenfeucht
CSCI 5446. Chaotic DynamicsElizabeth Bradley
CSCI 5448. Object-Oriented Analysis and DesignKenneth Anderson
CSCI 5454. Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsAndrzej Ehrenfeucht
CSCI 5473. Applied Operating SystemsDirk Grunwald
CSCI 5525. Compiler ConstructionJeremy Siek
CSCI 5535. Fundamental Concepts of Programming LanguagesAmer Diwan
CSCI 5548. Software Engineering of Standalone ProgramsKenneth Anderson
CSCI 5551. Parallel ProcessingManish Vachharajani
CSCI 5573. Advanced Operating SystemsShivakant Mishra
CSCI 5576. High-Performance Scientific ComputingHenry Tufo
CSCI 5582. Artificial IntelligenceJames Martin
CSCI 5593. Advanced Computer ArchitectureManish Vachharajani
CSCI 5606. Principles of Numerical ComputationRichard Byrd
CSCI 5608. Software Project ManagementKenneth Anderson
CSCI 5622. Machine LearningJames Martin
CSCI 5636. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential EquationsXiao-Chuan Cai
CSCI 5646. Numerical Linear AlgebraElizabeth Jessup
CSCI 5654. Linear ProgrammingRichard Byrd
CSCI 5673. Distributed SystemsShivakant Mishra
CSCI 5714. Formal LanguagesMichael Main
CSCI 5722. Computer VisionJames Martin
CSCI 5753. Computer Performance ModelingDirk Grunwald
CSCI 5809. Computer AnimationRoger (Buzz) King
CSCI 5817. Database SystemsRoger (Buzz) King
CSCI 5828. Foundations of Software EngineeringKenneth Anderson
CSCI 5832. Natural Language ProcessingJames Martin
CSCI 5839. User-Centered DesignLeysia Palen
CSCI 5900. Master's Level Independent StudyJacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
CSCI 5919. Human-Computer Interaction: Survey and SynthesisLeysia Palen
CSCI 5929. Human-Computer Interaction: Survey and Synthesis 2Leysia Palen
CSCI 6000. Introduction to the Computer Science PhD ProgramJacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
CSCI 6268. Foundations of Computer and Network SecurityJohn Black
CSCI 6302. Speech Recognition and SynthesisJames Martin
CSCI 6402. Issues and Methods in Cognitive ScienceMichael Eisenberg
CSCI 6454. Advanced AlgorithmsMichael Main
CSCI 6622. Advanced Machine LearningMichael Mozer
CSCI 6676. Numerical Methods for Unconstrained OptimizationRichard Byrd
CSCI 6686. Numerical Methods for Constrained OptimizationRichard Byrd
CSCI 6800. Master of Engineering ProjectJacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
CSCI 6940. Master's Degree CandidacyJacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
CSCI 6950. Master's ThesisJacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
CSCI 7000. Current Topics in Computer ScienceJacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
CSCI 7111. Topics in Parallel ProcessingDirk Grunwald
CSCI 7123. Topics in Operating SystemsDirk Grunwald
CSCI 7135. Topics in Programming LanguagesAmer Diwan
CSCI 7143. Topics in Computer SystemsDirk Grunwald
CSCI 7154. Topics in Theory of ComputationMichael Main
CSCI 7176. Topics in Numerical ComputationElizabeth Jessup
CSCI 7212. Topics in Symbolic Artificial IntelligenceGerhard Fischer
CSCI 7222. Topics in Nonsymbolic Artificial IntelligenceMichael Mozer
CSCI 7412. Cognitive Science Research PracticumTamara Sumner
CSCI 7422. Cognitive Science Research Practicum 2Tamara Sumner
CSCI 7717. Topics in Database SystemsRoger (Buzz) King
CSCI 7762. Readings and Research in Cognitive ScienceTamara Sumner
CSCI 7772. Topics in Cognitive ScienceTamara Sumner
CSCI 7782. Topics in Cognitive ScienceMichael Mozer
CSCI 7818. Topics in Software EngineeringKenneth Anderson
CSCI 7900. Doctoral Level Independent StudyJacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
CSCI 8990. Doctoral DissertationJacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
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